The Weave Shed Gallery

The Weave Shed Gallery

The Hambidge Center has a long history of presenting outstanding pottery and ceramics. In the last few years, the Weave Shed Gallery has expanded its focus to include sculpture, fiber arts, painting, works on paper, and other interesting artworks both from Hambidge Fellows and outstanding talents from across the region. The gallery also features a display of the Hambidge Center's history, as well as a gift shop offering pottery and other handmade goods.

Gallery Hours:

Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm; Saturday, 10am - 5pm.
Closed on holidays.
Gallery phone: 706-746-5718


Minding the Gap - Photographs of Rabun County at 200 years

June 22 - September 21, 2019
Artists' Reception: Saturday, August 10, 4-6pm

In honor of Rabun County’s bicentennial, the Weave Shed Gallery is presenting a two-person show of work by Hambidge Fellows Amanda Greene and Forest McMullin. Both Amanda and Forest have photographed extensively in Rabun County, and the show is a selection of images highlighting people and scenes that are rarely noticed or appreciated.

Amanda Greene grew up in Atlanta, with frequent visits to family in Rabun County. After attending college and living in the Los Angeles area for 17 years, she returned “home” to Georgia in 2010. Since returning to the South, Amanda has been using photography to explore ideas of time and history, revisiting places familiar from growing up in the area. Her work is a broad celebration of color, natural and man made, and its place in the Southern rural landscape and daily life.

Forest McMullin is a freelance photographer, artist, and photographic educator based in Atlanta. He specializes in portraits of unconventional people and is respected for his ability to capture his subjects’ dignity while being direct and open. The photos in this show are from his series American Flea, in which he took portraits of vendors and customers at flea markets in the rural southeastern United States.

Above images: left,“Favorite Things” (detail) by Amanda Greene; right: "Richard Crowell" (detail) by Forest McMullin.


Spring 2019


April 20 - June 15, 2019

The Hambidge Center presents EVERLASTING BLOOM: Inspired Rhythms, curated by Lisa Alembik, organized by Bob Thomas. A sister exhibition to The Bascom’s Ebb and Flow, Bloom and Fade: Dynamic Rhythms from Hambidge Fellows, both shows feature artist Fellows of The Hambidge Center whose works express a lucid connection with nature, and a distinctive underlying structure.

Both exhibitions, informed by the writings of Jay Hambidge on dynamic symmetry and curated by Hambidge fellow Lisa Alembik, consider how artists approach compositional design. Through an examination of shapes and movement within a work, possibly applying a mathematical mind to the picture plane, one can discover the unique foundation that becomes an artist’s sensibility. Artists sense of composition can reflect the energy of the universe, working in rhythms that mirror the natural world.

We ask interested Hambidge Fellows to participate in the exhibition EVERLASTING BLOOM by contributing a piece of writing (poem, essay, short story) that speaks to the writer’s relationship with composition and nature. To be included in the exhibition, the writing must fit on, at the most, 2 letter-sized (8.5" x 11") pages mailed in a single envelope. These can be drawn, typed, painted, front and/or back, etc. These parameters are strict, with no possibility for variation. We are taking submissions on an ongoing basis until June 1. Mail to The Hambidge Center, c/o Bob Thomas, PO Box 339, Rabun Gap, GA 30568

Linda Armstrong + Lucinda Bunnen + Norma Bradley + Susan Cipcic + Donald Feligano + Danielle Hanson + Hailey Higdon + Laurence Holden + Mary C. Kim + Kathryn Kolb + Steve Lautermilch + Lynn Marshall Linnemeier + Gill Martin + Donna Mintz + Michael Murrell + Allen Peterson + Karin Schaller + Michelle Schuff + Dayna Thacker + Bob Thomas + Pandra Williams

Autumn 2018

2018 Invitational Show of Pottery and Handmade Objects

October 13 - December 22, 2018 (closed November 22 & 23)
Opening reception during the Hambidge Great ARTdoors Festival, October 13, 10am-5pm

This year’s invitational show & sale at the Hambidge Weave Shed Gallery features a fantastic selection of work by Hambidge Fellows, regional potters, and makers of handmade objects. Ranging from practical to decorative, whimsical to sculptural, the show includes artwork, jewelry, textiles, sculpture & pottery of all kinds.

Rick Agel + Lisa Alembik + Jennie Ashcraft + Noel Benedict + Rick Berman + Karen Brock Boger + Lori Buff + Lucinda Bunnen + William Cloutier + Kathy Colt + Martha Cook + Laura Cooke + Betty Dodd + France Dorman + Bill Ensign + Ingrid Erickson + Bertha Escoto + Marise Fransolino + Juana Gnecco + Isys Hennigar + Petra Hoecht + Dietrich Hoecht + Sheryl Holstein + Janis Wilson Hughes + Michele Humphrey + Roger Jamison + Carmella Jarvi + Julia Knight + Mike Lalone + Eric Legge + Barbara Mann + Claire Miller + Donna Mintz + Matt Mitros + Megan Smith Noble + Kelly O'Briant + Margaret Patterson + Lisa Pickett + Junco Sato Pollack + Cynthia Prince + Adrina Richard + John Roberts + Rita Rothmeier + Amy Sanders + Kimberly Shelton + Vernon Smith + Renee Speenburgh + Jimmy “Cap Man” Straehla + Rebekah Strickland + Patrick Taylor + Ursula Vicari + Ife Williams + Barb Williams + Joanna Stecker Wilson + Susie Winton + Minsoo Yuh + more!

Above images clockwise from left: work by Rick Agel, Julia Knight, Kathy Colt, Renee Speenburgh, Sheryl Holstein, Martha Cook, Ife Williams

Summer 2018

Process in Works

June 9 – September 8, 2018
Reception on Saturday, June 30, 4-7pm

Process in Works is a growing, evolving show of work by Natalie Chanin and Rachel K. Garceau about the purposeful setting of intentions, approaching the world with curiosity, exploring the meaning of value, and creating cumulative beauty with small, everyday acts and objects. This exhibit is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Slow design pioneer, Natalie Chanin, is the founder and creative director of Alabama Chanin, a lifestyle company producing well-designed and thoughtfully made goods in Florence, Alabama, with an emphasis on responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices. Through her workshops, Natalie teaches craft traditions, or “living arts,” using them to bridge generational, economic, and cultural gaps.

Rachel K. Garceau is a studio artist living and working in the Atlanta, GA area, and has been recognized as a 2015 Emerging Artist by the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts and one of 2017’s Women to Watch by the Georgia Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. She utilizes slip-cast porcelain forms to construct site-responsive installations. Her work is often born from a curiosity about an object or a place and a desire to come to a deeper understanding of it. She has been published in Studio Potter, Ceramics Monthly, and NCECA Journal, and also appears in CAST: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process.

Join us for the reception on June 30! We’ll be having a lazy summer afternoon, making some ice cream, telling stories, and enjoying the artwork. Chefs Angie Mosier and Lisa Donovan will be serving up some sweet and savory Southern snacks, and photographer Rinne Allen will lead a silent woodland walk to gather treasures from the forest.

Spring 2018

Sign of the Times - A Show of Work by Hambidge Fellows

March 3 - June 2, 2018

We are living in interesting times, to say the least. Depending on who you are or where you look, the world can be infuriating, heartbreaking, even frightening, and, yet, signs of hope, moments of beauty, and joy abide. What do you see these days from where you stand? Are you looking outward at world events? Closer to home at family and simple pleasures? At an interior landscape of challenges and triumphs? What’s the sign of your time?

Hambidge Fellows were invited to make or write something about these thoughts and send us a small, unframed piece of work. Each piece is priced at $100.

Judy Anderson + Steven L. Anderson + Meg Aubrey + Markus Baeuziger + Christy Bailey + Sheri Bancroft + Sophie Barbasch + Temme Barkin-Leeds + Douglas B. Barrett + Rose M. Barron + Kimberly L. Becker + Norma Bradley + Kyle Brooks + William Buchanan + Wanrudee Buranokorn + Philip Carpenter + Helen DeRamus + Manty Dey + JOEKINGATL + Amandine Drouet + Ben Dunn + Annie Farrar + Hailey Lowe Fennell + Tom Ferguson + Columbia Fiero + Jonathon Clyde Frey + Kim Garcia + Jennifer Garza-Cuen + Mike Germon + Monica Goldsmith + Cynthia Gregory + Naomi Grossman + Linda Hall + Katelyn Halpern + Lydia A. Harris + Julia Hill + Sandra Hughes + Alison Jardine + Donna Johnson + Savannah Jubic + Beverly Key + Susanna Lang + Linda Larsen + Jacqueline Rush Lee + Elizabeth Lide + Carl Linstrum + Joan Michelson + Donna Mintz + Cindy Murray + Eleanor Neal + Rochelle Newman + Chester Old + Nikki Painter + Jo A. Peterson + Meg Pierce + Kim Piotrowski + Justin Rabideau + Ryder Richards + Stacie Rose + Sarah Rosenthal + Gianna Russo + Tommye McClure Scanlin + Maja Spasova + Anne Stagg + Leigh Tarentino + Dayna Thacker + Bob Thomas + Lisa Tuttle + Lisa Delora Weinblatt + Dana Wildsmith + Donna Glee Williams + R.S. Williams + Julie Wills + Ed Woodham

Autumn 2017

2017 Invitational Show of Pottery and Handmade Objects

October 14 - December 23, 2017 (closed November 23 & 24)
Opening reception during the Hambidge Great ARTdoors Festival, October 14, 10am-5pm

Presenting a superb selection of hand-picked Hambidge Fellows, regional potters, and makers of handmade objects, this show includes artwork, jewelry, textiles, sculpture & pottery of all kinds, ranging from the whimsical to the practical.

Ann Abrams + Rick Agel + Noel Benedict + LaDonna Benedict + Karen Broch Boger + Harry Boone + Christy Buchanan + Lori Buff + Bill Cloutier + Marion Coleman + Martha Cook + Courtney Cottrell + Judy Cutchins + Glenn Dair + Isabell Daniel + Cara DeFoor + Betty Dodd + Maria Dondero + Eve Embry + Bill Ensign + Bertha Escoto + Marise Fransolino + Rachel Garceau + Juanna Gnecco + Kathryne Gould + Jennifer Graff + Sam Granger + Nancy Green + Barry Gregg + Lydia Harris + Dietrich Hoecht + Petra Seulijn Hoecht + Janis Wilson Hughes + Michele Humphrey + Roger Jamison + Nancy Katz + Christopher Kelly + Mike Lalone + Will Langford + Rik Long + Peter Loose + Valerie Lowe + John Lowes + Allison Luce + Corrina Sephora Mensoff + Claire Miller + Donna Mintz + Marie Neel + CJ Niehaus + Megan Smith Noble + Margaret Patterson + Cleve Phillips + Geoff Pickett + Lisa Pickett + Junco Sato Pollack + Cynthia Prince + Kip Ramey + Brenda Rehrig + John Roberts + Rita Rothmeier + Tommye McClure Scanlin + Celena Schoen + Cher Shaffer + Vernon Smith + Suzy Sue Smith + DeWitt Smith + Amy Smith + Linda Soicher-Suskin + Renee Speenburgh + Patrick Taylor + Katie Tillman + Douglas Tobin + Ann Wallin + Andrew Westfall + Sarah Spencer White + Barb Williams + Ife Williams + Joanna Stecker Wilson + Alice Woodruff + Minsoo Yuh

Above images clockwise from left: work by Sarah Spencer White, Rachel Garceau, Amy Smith

Summer 2017

The Great Folk Art Parade

July 1 - September 16, 2017
Opening reception: July 1st, 10am-5pm, featuring artists' booths set up in front of the gallery, food, and free drink tastings supplied by RM Rose Distillery and local wineries & breweries.

Folk art (self-taught art) is as much a part of the South’s culture as sweet tea and pecan pie, from its humble beginnings as a means of passing time and the need to create, to the success of galleries and artists in the latter part of the 20th century. It is vital to the landscape of our history to preserve and protect its characters of the past, and the duty of us all to keep the spirit alive for future generations.

Legendary Georgia folk artist Peter Loose envisioned a show that would not only teach people about the art, but let them peer into the mind of the artist; to not only value the monetary worth of the artwork, but to fall in love with the artists and their stories.

This vision was realized in 2015, when the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation hosted "The Great Folk Art Parade: From Finster Forward,” a show celebrating the life of Rev. Howard Finster and his contemporaries, along with up-and-coming artists who will be the future stewards of the craft.

With the help of Kip Ramey, the Great Folk Art Parade has recently been developed into a traveling show, and begins its journey at the Hambidge Center. Hambidge has a deep relationship with folk art, and has fostered the careers of many self taught artists. The Great Folk Art Parade features work for sale by legends such as Howard Finster, R.A. Miller, Jake McCord, Willie Jinks, Mary Proctor, Lanier Meaders and more, plus emerging artists from around the country and Canada.

Artists attending the opening
Charlie Dingler + Stanley Ferguson, pottery + Sam Granger, paintings + Sandy Hall, paintings + Coralie Hardman, paintings + Mary Hardman, paintings + Michelle Humphrey, pottery + Eric Legge, paintings + Peter Loose, paintings + Cleve Phillips, Kudzu art + Kip Ramey, paintings + Celena Schoen + Jim Shores, metal assemblage + Miz Thang, paintings and assemblage

This is a great opportunity to meet the artists and see their works for sale. If you cannot make the opening reception, the Parade continues at the Weave Shed Gallery until September 16th.

Artists featured in the gallery exhibition
Minnie Adkins + Michael Banks + Christy Buchanon + Marion Coleman + Josh Cote + Tex Crawford + Kimberly Dawn Crowder + Charlie Dingler + Ilona Fekete + Howard Finster + Charlene Fisch + Charlie Frye + Sam Granger + Sandy Hall + Coralie Hardman + Mary Hardman + Michelle Humphrey + Willie Jinks + C.M. and Grace Kelly Laster + Eric Legge + Ric Long + Peter Loose + Lanier Meaders + Jake McCord + R.A. Miller + Jason Mott + Crispy Printz + Mary Proctor + Sara Rakes + Ken Ramey + Kip Ramey + Richard Roebuck + Celena Schoen + Cher Shaffer + Jim Shores + Suzie Sue Smith + Mavis Stevens + Randy Tobias + Annie Welborn + Carter Welborn

Above image by Cher Shaffer, below is a sampling work by other artists included in the exhibition.

Spring 2017

Paintings by James Taylor

April 29 - June 17, 2017

“James Taylor is a watercolorist whose work has a natural softness of subject matter and execution. His remarkable style and handling of the watercolor medium with no formal arts education gave viewers a fresh new view of his world in colorful detail.” (from the marketing materials of the 2006 exhibition at Hammonds House Museum)

James Taylor discussing his work... “I began painting in 1992 while recovering from a debilitating illness. During my convalescence, I began to see the humanity and spirit of the people I encountered, along with colors, smells, and the play of sunlight on things and scenes that were around me. Watercolor became a good medium for expression of this newfound awareness and I became especially partial to figurative subjects. I discovered a very strong character in people, which is revealed through their challenges, disappointments, and the rewards of holding things together through relative obscurity. It is this strength of spirit that I am compelled to express in my paintings. My goal is to involve the viewer in the insightfulness and humanity that art has to offer.”

James passed away in December of 2016. He was a Hambidge Fellow and long-time volunteer. We’re honored to show a selection of his paintings, courtesy of the James Taylor Estate, and with the assistance of Ann Lindsey.

Autumn 2016

2016 Invitational Show of Pottery and Handmade Objects

October 15 - November 26, 2016
Opening reception during the Hambidge Great ARTdoors Festival, October 15, 10am-5pm

For this year’s invitational show & sale, the Hambidge Weave Shed Gallery is happy to present a superb selection of hand-picked Hambidge Fellows, regional potters, and makers of handmade objects. Ranging from practical to decorative, whimsical to sculptural, the show includes artwork, jewelry, textiles, sculpture & pottery of all kinds.

Show Participants
Ann Abrams + Rick Agel + Turner Ball + Noel Benedict + Jennie Ashcraft Berman + Jorie Berman + Rick Berman + Karen Boger + Harry Boone + Kathy Colt + Martha Cook + Sandy Culp + Glenn Dair + Cara DeFoor + Maria Dondero + Michelle Dziak + Tom Egan + Bill Ensign + Marise Fransolino + Abby Friedman + Juana Gnecco + Jennifer Graff + Nancy Green + Barry Gregg + Laurence Holden + Judy Horton + Janis Hughes + Roger Jamison + Tammy Josephsen + Chris Kelly + Chris Lewis + Val Lowe + Marie Neel + CJ Niehaus + Margaret Patterson + Kathy Phelps + Lisa Pickett + Junco Sato Pollack + Lainey Papageorge + Kip Ramey + Barry Rhodes + Lora Rust + Corrina Sephora + Carey Slay + DeWitt Smith + Vernon Smith + Renee Speenburg + Linda Suskin + Mary Callan Thomas + Katie Tillman + Ann Wallin + Barb Williams + Joanna Stecker Wilson + Sarah Morgan Wingfield + Alice Woodruff + Yasuhisa Yamamoto

Above images, clockwise from top left: work by Barry Rhodes, CJ Niehaus, Marie Neel, Glenn Dair, Martha Cook, Kathy Colt

Summer 2016

June 17 - September 24, 2016
Opening reception: Friday, June 17, 4-7pm

Foxfire was born on Mary Hambidge’s kitchen table 50 years ago. The Hambidge Center is proud to present an exhibition of folk art and fine craft that embodies the spirit of the Foxfire tradition. Grounded in community oral history and experiential education, Foxfire was almost revolutionary in its time. The concept spread throughout the country as a method of preserving the stories and skills of vanishing cultures; and as an enduring symbol of resourcefulness, sustainability and simple living. This exhibition features a special collection of historical and contemporary objects from the local community and around the region made by craftspeople, Hambidge Fellows, and folk artists.

Show Participants
Dennis Banks + Mary Nikas Beery + Jorie Berman + Don Bundrick + Annie Cochran + Roger Corn + Brian Davenport + Catharine Ellis + Weyman Evans + Bobby Ferguson + Charles Gandy + Jessica Green + Sharon Grist + John Huron + Christine Jason + Eric Legge + C.P. Ligon + Peter Loose + Andrew McCall + Carole Morse + Allen Peterson + Elsie Peterson + Cleve Phillips + Sarah Rakes + Kenneth Ramey + Kip Ramey + Kenny Runion + Tommye Scanlin + T.J. Stevens + Chuck Weber + Steve Turpin

Curator Bio
Jessica Helfrecht has over 25 years of experience as an art educator, curator, arts program and festival coordinator for non-profit organizations and retail galleries. Helfrecht has a passion for the visual arts, educating our youth, and facilitating educational art programs. She has worked with Bare Hands Gallery in Birmingham, AL, the Northern Clay Centerin Minneapolis. In Atlanta, Helfrecht has worked for Romo Gallery and The Signature Shop.

Jeanne Kronsnoble of Main Street Gallery in Clayton, Georgia; Barbara Archer of Barbara Archer Gallery in Atlanta; and Barry Stiles of Foxfire

Spring 2016


March 19 – June 11, 2016
Closing reception: Saturday, June 11, 4-6pm
followed by an Artist Talk by our current artists-in-residence in the Rock House starting at 6:15pm

“When we want to give expression to a dramatic situation in our lives, we tend to use metaphors of heaviness. We say that something has become a great burden to us. We either bear the burden or fail and go down with it, we struggle with it, win or lose….Her drama was a drama not of heaviness but of lightness. What fell to her lot was not the burden, but the unbearable lightness of being.”
–Milan Kundera

Hambidge Fellows were invited to submit work that explores their definitions of or connections with the term ‘lightweight.’ Themes could reference a state of being, such as suspension, buoyancy, or being untethered. Light, brightness, or that which takes form through light could be the focus. Lightweight might reference being a teetotaler, or body image, or a weight category of sorts. Through their work the artist might strive to patch over or remove heaviness—or maybe pull away from a heavy tangled weight.

Show Participants
Visual Artists:
Curtis Ames + Linda Armstrong + Temme Barkin-Leeds + Susan Cipcic + In Kyoung Chun + Samantha DiRosa + Maggie Evans + Julia Fenton + Brian Hitselberger + Laurence Holden + Alison Jardine + Diana Kingsley + Macey Ley + Elizabeth Lide + Carl Linstrum + Deedra Ludwig + Nancy Marshall + Donna Mintz + Katherine Mitchell + Linda Smith + Lisa Tuttle

Cheryl Stiles + Libby Falk Jones + Karen Head + Lisa Harris + Dawn Newton  

Curator Bio
Lightweight is organized by Lisa Alembik, a fellow who found that the Hambidge Center carved a place in her heart, one of refuge, contemplation, and rich creativity. Alembik is on faculty at Perimeter College at Georgia State University and was the director of the Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College for over a decade. Alembik organized “Fables of the Eco-Future” at The Weave Shed Spring 2013, She showcased 37 Hambidge Fellows and included a stunning catalog designed by Joey Hannaford that can be found on Blurb books.

Above image: Elizabeth Lide, Ligero/Pesado,14" x 9" x 7”

Photos of the show:

Brian Hitselberger, diptych(jonathan), 2013-14. Graphite, chalk, oil on found surfaces,14 1/2Diana Kingsley, Artist’s Breath, 2015 Lambda print, 17 x 14 inchesSide of Gallery with Carl Linstrum’s painting on the left, Linda Smith next, Donna Mintz glass on floor, Lisa Tuttle on wall, and far down In Kyoung Chun.Installation view of LightweightInstallation view of LightweightElizabeth Lide, Ligero/Pesado, 14 x 9 x 7 inches
Installation view of Lightweight with work by In Kyoung Chun, Samantha DiRosa and Deedra LudwigSamantha DiRosa, Containing Lightness, Cast silver bubble wands, found insects, wax tealight candles, 3x1 inches eachCurtis Ames, Deflated Balls, 2015, Dimensions variable, balls and airInstallation view of Lightweight with work by Macrina Ley, Maggie Evans, and Temme Barkin-LeedsInstallation view of Lightweight with work by Susan Cipcic, Laurence Holden, Linda Armstrong, and Katherine MitchellInstallation view of Lightweight
Installation view of Lightweight with work by Susan CipcicAt the opening of LightweightAt the opening of LightweightAt the opening of LightweightKatherine Mitchell speaking about her work at the opening of LightweightIn Kyoung Chun speaking about her work at the opening of Lightweight
Brian Hitselberger speaking about his work at the opening of LightweightJulia Fenton, Untitled, 2016 Paper, 12 x 12 inchesLinda Smith, David’s Pool, Photograph 16 x 20 inchesMaggie Evans, Blind March, 2012, graphite pencil on rice paper, 15.5 x 13 inchesNancy Marshall, Pier Hair and braid, 2015 Platinum contact print, 10 x 8 inches


Autumn 2015

2015 Invitational Show of Pottery + Handmade Objects

October 10 – November 28, 2015

The Hambidge Weave Shed Gallery presents a selection of work by Hambidge Fellows, regional potters & makers of handmade objects, curated by Mary Callan Thomas. The show & sale includes  gorgeous jewelry, textiles, sculpture & pottery of all kinds.

Ann Abrams + Michael Alexander + Charlotte Allen + John Andersen + Susan Andersen + Rick Agel + AJ Argentina + Turner Ball + LaDonna Benedict + Noel Benedict + Jennie Ashcraft Berman + Jorie Berman + Rick Berman + Karen Brock Boger + Harry Boone + Eileen Braun + Kathy Colt + Martha Cook + Sandy Culp + Glenn Dair + Cara DeFoor + Michelle Dziak + Tom Egan + Bill Ensign + Marise Fransolino + Jennifer Graff + Nancy Green + Barry Gregg + Janis Wilson Hughes + Roger Jamison + Tammy Josephson + Chris Kelly + Chris Lewis + Valerie Lowe + Casey McGuire + Corrina Sephora Mensoff + Randall Moody + David Morgan + Marie Neel + Margaret Patterson + Allen Peterson + Geoff Pickett + Lisa Pickett + Junco Sato Pollack + Adrina Richard + Jerry Richardson + John Roberts + Amy Smith + DeWitt Smith + Vernon Smith + Renee Speenburgh + Jean Stewart + Linda Suskin + Mary Callan Thomas + Katie Tillman + Ann Wallin + Barb Williams + Alice Woodruff + Minsoo Yuh

Above image: tumblers by Margaret Patterson

Summer 2015

Leap Year(s)

June 13 – September 12, 2015

Artists Reception: Saturday, June 27, 4-6pm

Featuring works by Leap Year Hambidge Fellows, Leap Year(s) explores the relationship between eight artists and their diverse practices. The Leap Year Artist program, facilitated by MINT, is a platform of support for emerging artists that utilizes the established talent and organic connectivity of Atlanta’s artistic community. Leap Year’s goals are to provide space and support for emerging artists to be more thoughtful about their work and creative careers, to foster partnerships and community between various arts organizations, to create a more sustainable arts economy, and to nurture a generous artistic spirit.

While the exhibition is primarily a survey of recent works, viewers can begin to draw meaningful connections between these works, which have been created by the artists in a similar, pivotal point in their artist development. The artists work in a range of media and processes, including manipulated found objects, works on paper, alternative printmaking methods, audio composition, and sculptural form. The selected works reference a minimalist aesthetic in the simplicity of their form and composition, while conceptually imparting personal narratives and content.

Assembled by guest curator Candice Greathouse. Artists: Curtis Ames, Ashley Anderson, Jessica Caldas, Jane Garver, Rebecca Hanna, Matthew Rosenfeld, Hez Stalcup, and Vanessa Brook Williams.

The show begins June 13 and continues through September 12, with a reception on Saturday, June 27, 4-6pm, which will feature a performance by Hez Stalcup.


Spring 2015

The Constant Thread

February 28 – May 30, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 28, 4-6pm

An exhibition of artwork by Hambidge Fellows who use fibers in their work, the exploratory thread of this show takes us on a tour of techniques and concepts: fiber as interconnecting structure, as impediment, as a link to memory and change; fiber as drawing material, as sculpture, as an element of mixed media. Featuring work by Joyce Watkins King, Megan Mosholder, Chester Old, Michael Radyk, Cassidy Russell, and sculptural collaborations by Hambidge Fellows Laura Bell, Ann Rowles and their collaborator Jiha Moon.

Above image: “Corduroy #3” (detail) by Michael Radyk

Photos of the show:

Installation view of The Constant ThreadInstallation view of The Constant ThreadForeground: Corduroy #3 and Corduroy #2 by Michael Radyk; Background: work by Cassidy RussellCorduroy #3 and Corduroy #2 by Michael RadykInstallation view of The Constant Thread
Venus by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon, Ann RowlesPrincess Hoop by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon, Ann RowlesForeground: Princess Hoop by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon, Ann Rowles; Background: folding/revealing (fence), respite (two), respite (four), and respite (three) by Cassidy Russellfolding/revealing (fence) by Cassidy RussellDouble Helix and Twisted Vortext by Megan C. Mosholder
5 Shovels by Chester OldWork by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon, Ann Rowles; Michael Radyk; and Chester OldWork by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon, Ann Rowles; Michael Radyk; and Cassidy RussellLe Nid by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon and Ann RowlesEcho, Quartet, and Make, Shift by Joyce Watkins King
Work by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon, Ann Rowles; and Joyce Watkins KingEcho, Quartet, and Make, Shift by Joyce Watkins KingScholar’s Hat by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon and Ann RowlesFlirty by Laura Bell, Jiha Moon and Ann Rowlespicking/knotting (stairs) by Cassidy Russell


Autumn 2014

2014 Invitational Show of Pottery & Handmade Objects

October 4 – November 29, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 11, 10am-5pm,
during the Hambidge Great ARTdoors Festival

The Hambidge Weave Shed Gallery is thrilled to present a carefully curated selection of Hambidge Fellows, regional potters & makers of handmade objects in this year’s invitational show & sale. Ranging from practical to decorative, whimsical to sculptural, the show includes jewelry, textiles, wooden sculpture & pottery of all kinds.

Corinne Adams, Cindy Angliss, Rick Berman, Jorie Berman, Eileen Braun, Keiko Coghlin, Judy Cutchins, Glenn Dair, Kurt Damron, Michael DeBerry, Lyn Durant, Tom Egan, Catharine Ellis, Mark Errol, Bridget Fox, Marise Fransolino, Jennifer Graf, Jessica Green, Matt Henderson, Leah Henry, Julie Hilliard, Judy Horton, Janis Hughes, Chris Kelly, Will Langford, Chris Lewis, Allison Luce, Peter McIntosh, Corrina Mensoff, Matthew Mitros, Randall Moody, David Morgan, Michael Murrell, Margaret Patterson, Kathy Phelps, Geoff Pickett, Adrina Richard, Anna Scrogham, Joey Sheehan, DeWitt Smith, Vernon Smith, Patrick Taylor, Cody Trautner, Sandra Trujillo, Alice Woodruff

Above images, clockwise from top left: Vernon Smith, Janis Wilson Hughes, Marise Fransolino, Lynn Durant, Alice Woodruff, Sandra Trujillo

Summer 2014

a correspondence exhibit
to celebrate 80 years of Hambidge

July 26 – September 13, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 26, 4-6pm

Inspired by the Fluxus movement, mail art is collaboration in small scale, sent through the post; it's about communication, exchange, community and fun. In celebration of the Hambidge Center's 80th anniversary, Hambidge Fellows (writers, dancers, and musicians, as well as visual artists) were invited to creatively alter a card and send it back to us. Each piece is offered for sale at $80. Curated by Hambidge Fellow Didi Dunphy, this is a show of inventive and joyful artwork.

Linda Armstrong, Meg Aubrey, Sheri Bancroft, Sophie Barbasch, Laura Bell, Martha Bishop, Judy Blue Anderson, Bruce Bobick, Barb Bondy, Norma Bradley, Heather Brammeier, William Buchanan, Jon Ciliberto, Susan Cipcic, Simone Clunie, Sebastian Collett, Michelle Corvette, Angeles Cossio, Jaynie Crimmins, Joan Wadleigh Curran, Helen DeRamus, Terri Dilling, Barrett Feldman, Tom Ferguson, Columbia Fiero, Margaret Fletcher, Gail Foster, Laura Foster, Jonathan Frey, Deborah Friedman, Annette Gates, Alex Gingrow, Janet Goldner, Carla Golembe, Emily J. Gomez, Matt Haffner, Anna Hamer, Tom Haney, Kate W. Henderson, Vandorn Hinnant, Brian Hitselberger, Donna Horn, Tim Hunter, Delanie Jenkins, Paul Kayhart, Anna Kell, Susan Ker-Seymer, Kathryn A. King, Joyce Watkins King, Diana Kurz, Tracey Lane, Steve Lautermilch, Jack Lawing, Mark Leibert, Elizabeth Lide, Nicole Livieratos, Deedra Ludwig, Susan Maakestad, John Maggio, Margaret McCarthy, Mariana McDonald, Jordon McLeish, Corrina Sephora Mensoff, Donna Mintz, Katherine Mitchell, Alice E. Momm, Cindy Murray, Adrienne Outlaw, Margaret Patterson, Kris Pilcher, Amy Pirkle, Mary Pousner, Julie Püttgen, Brenda Rehrig, Billy Renkl, Chrys Riviere-Blalock, Pat Riviere-Seel, Mary Robinson, Pam Rogers, Ann Rowles, Junco Sato Pollack, Gerry Sattele, Tommye McClure Scanlin, Karin Schaller, Chrissy Scolaro, Janet Shapero, Joshua Sheridan, Jerry Siegel, Stephanie Smith, Sarah Spencer White, Bob Thomas, Heather Tosteson, Linda Trice, Lisa Tuttle, Marie Weaver, Christian Bradley West, Julie Wills, Judy Winograd, Susie Winton, Elise Witt, Valerie Witte

Photos of the show beginning with the installation, the opening, and the curator's talk by Didi Dunphy:

Spring 2014

Body Conscious

April 5 – June 14, 2014  EXTENDED THROUGH JULY 12! 

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 5, 5-7pm

Our bodies are our first means of expression; they communicate as no other medium can. When a visual artist features a figure in their work, we feel an echo of recognition in our own bodies, which can provide an unexpected immediacy with the artwork.

For this exhibition, we have chosen Hambidge Fellows whose works make use of the human figure in various ways and for various purposes. Exhibiting artists are Krista Grecco, Fahamu Pecou, Iman Person, Ann Rowles, and Richard Russell.

Above images: “I Wish,” hand built porcelain, 2013, by Krista Grecco; “Pull Out My Tie," collage on paper, 2013, by Richard Russell

Photos of the show:

Autumn 2013


2013 Invitational Show of Pottery & Handmade Objects

September 28 – November 23, 2013

The Hambidge Weave Shed Gallery is proud to present an outstanding selection of over 80 regional potters & makers of handmade objects in this year’s invitational. Ranging from practical to decorative, whimsical to sculptural, the show includes jewelry, textiles, glass, wooden sculpture and pottery of all kinds.

Corinne Adams, Deborah Adornato, Susan Berkowitz, Rick Berman, Jorie Berman, Eileen Braun, Hugh Bridgeford, Bill Buckner, Lynne Burke, Tasha Channel, Keiko Coghlin, Boyce Covert, Cameron Covert, Julie Covington, Nathan Cox, Andrew Crawford, Crocker Pottery, Judy Cutchins, Glenn Dair, Isabell Daniel, Courtney Downing Cotrell, Tesa DuPre, Lynn Durant, Tom Egan, Catharine Ellis, Mark Errol, Lynn Felton, Bridget Fox, Marise Fransolino, Gwen Fryar, Jennifer Graf, Collin Gray, Nancy Green, Jay Hallinan, Matt Henderson, Julie Hilliard, Dietrich Hoecht, Petra Seulijn Hoecht, Judy Horton, Janis Hughes, Mark Issenberg, Roger Jamison, Chris Kelly, Will Langford, Beth Lawler, Chris Lewis, Andrew Massey, Patricia McCaffrey, Peter McIntosh, Tasha McKelray, Corrina Mensoff, Matthew Mitros, Randall Moody, David Morgan, Michael Murrell, Mary O'Malley, Steve Owens, Lainey Papageorge, Margaret Patterson, Allen Peterson, Kathy Phelps, Greg Prosser, Emily Reason, Brenda Rehrig, Seana Reilly, Adrina Richard, Charlie & Linda Riggs, John Roberts, Lora Rust, Frank Saggus, Jim Sandefur, Amy Sanders, Michael Schmidt, Joey Sheehan, DeWitt Smith, Vernon Smith, Stacey Stanhope, Joann Stecker, Jean Stewart, Connie Stockdale, Becky Strickland, Patrick Taylor, Sandra Trujillo, Betty Wassmer, Jim Whales, Priscilla Wilson, Alice Woodruff, Minsoo Yuh and more!

Above images left to right: Jorie Berman, Kathy Phelps, Julie Hilliard

Summer 2013



June 22 - September 14, 2013

Read the article in The Clayton Tribune!

The nighttime darkness of rural places – including Hambidge – is often startling for those unused to it. Darkness can be magical and fearsome. It can heighten your senses, cause you to be introspective, to face fears, and it can make you crave light. For this exhibition, we have chosen Hambidge Fellows whose works incorporate light and darkness. Exhibiting artists are Wendy DesChene & Jeff Schmuki, Rich Gere, and Michele Schuff. We are also featuring the work of several potters who make "shine" jugs (a rather different kind of light in the darkness), including Hugh Bridgeford, Colin Gray & Tasha Chemel and TashaMcKelvey.

Photos of the show:

The lights went out in Georgia, but we were able to


Spring 2013


Fables of the Eco-Future

March 30 - June 8, 2013

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Fables of the Eco-Future presents artists who are preoccupied with the natural environment. These artists are storytellers and innovators. Some have preternatural abilities to predict concerns that will soon encroach on our horizons. They might envision an alternative future for the land, making plans and designing prosthetics for a new nature. They might develop spaces and objects in support of a healthy world. They speak of thriving ecosystems or devastated landscapes, expressing themselves through fantasy, reality, or an inventive combination of both.

Fables of the Eco-Future, organized by Lisa Alembik, invited visual artists and writers, all fellows of the Hambidge Center, to present works in a variety of visual media and the written word. Sketches and ceramics, maquettes and models, plans, essays, song lyrics and poetry are included in the exhibition.

In an extension of the exhibition, artist and poet Steve Lautermilch presents his work in the Rabun County Public Library. Residing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the artist often travels to the western United States to capture images and gather inspiration. Lautermilch’s elegant and evocative dialogue between word and image rises from his profound connection with the natural world. Experiential, ephemeral and visual, his words merge with the picture plane.

Check out the fabulous catalog of the show. Created by curator Lisa Alembik and graphic designer Joey Hannaford, both Hambidge Fellows, this lovely hard-cover book features all the artwork and writings from the exhibition. It also got great press in Burnaway from the Editor’s Desk.

Juliet Araujo, Linda Armstrong, Misty Bennett, Lucinda Bunnen, Marcia R. Cohen, Eilis Crean, Stephanie Dowda, Brent Fogt, Rich Gere, Bryan Hiveley, Cecelia Kane, Judith Berk King, Diana Kingsley, Judy Lampert, Steve Lautermilch, Susan Maakestad, Margaret McCarthy, Donna Mintz, Virginia Parker, Allen Peterson, Julie Püttgen, Ryan Rusinski, Tommye Scanlin, Michele Schuff, Bob Thomas, Marie Weaver, Judy Winograd

Gregory Byrd, Carolyn Jackson, Libby Falk Jones, Leatha Kendrick, George Ella Lyon, Mariana McDonald, Donna Mintz, J. Stephen Rhodes, Kelly Wacker, Dana Wildsmith

Visit the Rabun County Public Library at 73 Jo Dotson Circle, Clayton GA 30525
Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am-6pm; Sat: 10am-3pm;   Phone: 706-782-3731;   Website:

Photos of the show:

Installation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Donna Mintz (left front) and Allen Peterson (right back).Installation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Linda Armstrong (left) and Donna Mintz (right).Donna Mintz, untitled, 2012-13, found charred wood, twine, bird feathers, 60x46x6 inchesInstallation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Donna Mintz (left) and Brent Fogt (right).Installation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Linda Armstrong and  Juliet Araujo.
Installation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Linda Armstrong.Installation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Linda Armstrong.Installation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Linda Armstrong and  Juliet Araujo.Linda Armstrong, Bolete-lactarius No.1 (1 of 3 sculptures on tables. Cast originally at Hambidge.)Juliet Araujo, Plugged Into Nature Deficit Digital Baby 1, 2013, 12x12 inches, gesso, ink and matte medium on aluminum; edged with knitted aluminum wire
Installation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Ryan Rusinski and Marie WeaverInstallation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Ryan Rusinski and Marie WeaverRyan Rusinski, Pipeliners' Aurora, Oil on canvas, 11x11 inchesInstallation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Marie Weaver.Marie Weaver, Guardian of the Marsh, Ceramic sculpture and wire, 6.5x4.25x3 inches
Marie Weaver, Gulf Greed, Ceramic sculpture, 9x8x8 inchesInstallation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Judy Lampert, Allen Peterson and  Bryan Hiveley.Judy Lampert, Cotton After the Harvest, photographInstallation image of Fables of the Eco-Future, showing work by Virginia Parker, Eilis Crean, Judy Lampert, Judy Winograd, Susan Maakestad, and Bryan Hiveley.Eilis Crean, untitled #52, acrylic on canvas, 9x12 inches, 2013


Autumn 2012

Invitational Show of Pottery & Handmade Objects

October 13 – November 24, 2012
Opening: October 13, 10am-5pm

A combination of old favorites and new names, we are proud to present a superb selection of regional potters & makers of handmade objects. Curated by Judy Lampert.

Corinne Adams, Deborah Adornato, Susan Berkowitz, Jennie Berman, Jorie Berman, Rick Berman, Shelia Bradley, Eileen Braun, Lynne Burke, Josh Copus, Peggy Cowan, Glenn Dair, Theresa DuPre, Lynn Durant, TJ Edwards, Tom Egan, Sharon Farrelly, Gwen Fryar, Annette Gates, Jennifer Graff, Barry Gregg, Michael Gregory, Erik Haagensen, Carl Hansen, Matt Henderson, Julie Hillard, Judy Horton, Janice Wilson Hughes, Mark Issenberg, Peggy McBride, Katy McDougal, Peter McIntosh, Ron Meyers, David Morgan, Michael Murrell, Joleen Oh, Lainey Papageorge, Margaret Patterson, Don Penny, Mario Petrirena, Kathy Phelps, Geoff Pickett, Lisa Pickett, Brenda Rehrig, Barry Rhodes, John Roberts, David Robinson, Joan Sauer, Michael Schmidt, Luba Sharapan, Judy Shreve, DeWitt Smith, Vernon Smith, Jean Stewart, John Sumner, Patrick Taylor, Barbara Brown Taylor, Ed Taylor, Priscilla Wilson of The Gourd Place, Minsoo Yuh and more!

Above image by Ron Meyers. Photo courtesy of Signature Gallery.

Summer 2012


June 23 – September 8, 2012
Opening reception: June 23rd, 6-9pm

Come celebrate the art of printmaking at Hambidge! In connection with the Chattooga River Festival and with an appreciation for the natural resources in the area, artists from the Atlanta Printmakers Studio explore the flow of water, nature, energy, and time. The printmakers featured in this exhibit are also fellows of the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences. Though they work in a variety of media and styles, each artist incorporates some form of printmaking in the work.

Terri Dilling, Rich Gere, Joey Hannaford, Tim Hunter, Susan Ker-Seymer, Eleanor Neal, Debrah Santini, Stephanie Smith, Marie Weaver, Judy Winograd

You can find out more about the Atlanta Printmakers Studio by clicking here.

Spring 2012

North, South, East…NEST

Showcasing artists of North Georgia & Southern Appalachia
who gain inspiration from our Eastern birds.

March 31 through June 2
Opening Reception: March 31, 6-8pm

Curator and Artist, Peggy McBride, of Globe Studio in Clayton, Georgia,
has gathered an inspiring flock of artists, featuring:
Ivy Arrends ~ Pat Calderone ~ Cedar Chan ~ Dexter Dockery ~ Lynn Durant ~ Vicki Essig ~ Lauren Finley ~ Charles Gandy ~ Dietrich Hoecht ~ Bryant Holsenbeck ~ Angelique Jackson ~ King Kudzu ~ Eric Legge ~ Jim Mason ~ Bob Meadows ~ Christie Moody ~ Michael Murrell ~ Libby Mathews ~ Junco Sato Pollack ~ Wolfgang Pries ~ Tommye McClure Scanlin ~ Andrew Hunter Smith ~ Julia Speer ~ Jean Stewart ~ Suzanne Stryk ~ Peter Rose ~ Sandy Webster ~ Peggie Wilcox ~ and more!

During the gallery reception, Hambidge Fellow Lisa Ezzard will perform a West African dance piece to live African drumming at a special installation on the lawn. Inside, she and Thomas Rain Crowe will give a short poetry reading with music. Join us from 6-8 pm at the Hambidge Center’s reception for this multi-media exhibit showcasing avian-inspired contemporary craft and fine art. Works by over 30 artists include sculpture, paintings, basketry, book arts and creations in glass, clay, metal wood and textiles.

LISA EZZARD is a Hambidge Fellow and published poet currently splitting time between San Diego, CA and nearby Tiger, GA while learning the workings of her family’s winery, Tiger Mountain Vineyards. Lisa has studied West African dance for 18 years with master dancers and has been teaching traditional West African dances from Guinea, Mali, and Senegal for the past eight years in San Diego, California while performing with Monette Marino Keita’s ensemble.

THOMAS RAIN CROWE is an internationally-published poet and the author of thirty books. He was a founding editor of Katuah Journal: A Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians and is founder-publisher of New Native Press. His award-winning memoir Zoro's Field: My Life in the Appalachian Woods, is based on four years of self-sufficient living in a wilderness environment in the woods of western North Carolina.

Reception sponsored by Tiger Mountain Vineyards.

Images: Messenger of Hope by Pat Calderone and Raven and Boat by Sandy Webstererman

Photos of the Opening Reception:

The audience took blue feathers from a bowl.
Lisa Ezzard performing a poetry reading.Marie Dunkle performed musical responses to the poetry.Marie Dunkle performed musical responses to the poetry.Trying out the nest.


Fellows and Friends Invitational
Pottery Show & Sale, Wood & Textiles, too!
Through November, 2011

We’ve asked for the best pieces from several of our Fellows, as well as from artists that have previously exhibited with us, whom we are now happy to call our friends. Come see a variety of work, from useful & beautiful pots to fun & whimsical ceramics, plus a selection of expertly crafted wooden objects and textiles. All the work is for sale, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to buy a gift for someone special – even if that special someone is yourself!

Images: Work by Margaret Patterson, Julie Hilliard, Barry Gregg, Rick Berman