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Hambidge Auction Archive - 2010

The 2010 Hambidge Art Auction and Performance Gala was held on Thursday, November 18, at the Bradford Gallery, Miami Circle, Atlanta. It was a stellar showcase of art and performances celebrating 75 years of nurturing brilliant artistic exploration and expression. The silent auction featured the work of 125 emerging and established artists from across the country, and special performances occurred throughout the evening. Organic and locally grown cuisine was provided by Sundial Restaurant, and signature cocktails and libations were served.

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Click on any of the images below to view a slide show of the evening.


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Auction Curators/Coordinators

Jenny Jensen Minkewicz
Anne Lambert Tracht

Auction Artists

Corinne Adams
Lisa Alembik
Anita Arliss
Linda Armstrong
Meg Aubrey
Peter Bahouth
Radcliffe Bailey
Susan Beallor-Snyder
Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke
Clem Bedwell
Paul Benjamin
Rick Berman
Daniel Biddy
Joshua Bienko
Mark Boomershine
Christian Bradley West
Teresa Bramlette Reeves
Eileen Braun
Holly Bryan
Lucinda Bunnen
Betsy Cain
Jack Cane
Carolyn Carr
Maurice Clifford
Corrine Colarusso
Kevin Cole
Chris Condon
Don Cooper
Jaynie Crimmins
Elyse Defoor
Jeff Demetriou
Wendy DesChene
& Jeff Schmuki
Rebecca DesMarais
Terri Dilling
Helen Durant
Ruth Dusseault
Sarah Emerson
Mary Farmer
Shannon Felsot
Doug Foltz
John Folsom
Tom Francis
Ruth Franklin
Angus Galloway
Marie Garcia
Duane Georges
Rich Gere
Jean Glenn
Matt Haffner
Grady Haugerud
Jenny Henley
Tony Hernandez
Hope Hilton
Judith Holdroyd
Tim Hunter
James Jernigan
Benjamin Jones
Cecelia Kane
Diane Kempler
Mahera Khaleque
Cynthia Knapp
Kathryn Kolb
Caroline Lambert
Judy Lampert
Tracey Lane
Jack Lawing
Mark Leibert
Harriet Leibowitz
Ursula Lentine
Alan Loehl
George Long
Ann-Marie Manker
Gordon Mansergh
Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier
Corrina Mensoff
Tom Meyer
Rob Milam
Donna Mintz
Katherine Mitchell
Dana Montlack
Lynne Moody
Tommy Moss
Pam Moxley
Todd Murphy
Michael Murrell
Billy Newman
W. Chester Old
Sonia Osio
Margaret Patterson
Joe Peragine
Mario Petrirena
Junco Pollack
Julie Püttgen
Barbara Pyle
Michael Radyk
Susan Robert
Rana Rochat
Rocio Rodriguez
Dawn Roe
Pamela Rogers
Judy Rushin
Karin Schaller
Barbara Schreiber
Michele Schuff
Tracy Sharp
Sid Smith
Preston Snyder
Whitney Stansell
Ann Stewart
Suzanne Stryk
John Sumner
Jeff Surace
Tom Swanston
Karen Tauches
Dayna Thacker
Penny Treese
Meryl Truett
Lisa Tuttle
Heather Weese
Angela West
Judy Winograd
Whitney Wood
Kathy Yancey

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James Beck
Blake Beckham
Jerry Cullum
Chelsae Darling
Jordan Dayan
Tim Degroot
Wendy DesChene
& Jeff Schmuki
David L. Fisher
Julia Hill
Meredith Hope
Nicole Livieratos
Myron Lo
Dana Lupton
Tim Mack
Sonia Osio
Barbara Panter-Connah
Michele Schuff
Duncan L. Shirah
Jan Smith
Ann Whitley-Singleton


MONSANTRA by Wendy Dechene & Jeff Schmuki

Because our food distribution systems are so muddled we want people to think about their food, where it comes from and where it may be going, by taking our remote control, or robotic plants to the streets.

Since practicing as an artist team Canadian artist Wendy DesChene and US artist Jeff Schmuki, have been awarded a residency at the American Academy in Rome and have exhibited in international institutions, including at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and the Goethe Institute in Egypt.


Untitled Performances by members of the The Imperial Opa

Tim Mack, Myron Lo, Chelsae Darling, Julia Hill, Meredith Hope A series of small intimate performances highlighting some of the varied talents of the Imperial Opa, including stilt walking, juggling, fire eating, levitating wand, and belly dancing.

Atlanta’s largest group of uncommon people doing wondrous things! This is The Imperial Opa Circus: creative entertainment to enchant, dazzle, and amaze.


Disguise Machine by Duncan L. Shirah

The Disguise Machine cuts a simple, wearable disguise out of any 4x6 inch postcard.

Duncan Shirah is a sculptor from Atlanta, Georgia, who creates interactive, mechanical art.

Elongation (excerpt) by Gardenhouse Dance

Choreography: Nicole Livieratos
Performer: Blake Beckham
Music: Laura Gibson and the Portland Cello Project

This is an in-process excerpt. This is part of the development of the work Elongation that will ultimately involve multiple sawhorses, a live horse, a performer, video projection and original music.

Gardenhouse Dance founder/director Nicole Livieratos was the first choreographer accepted for a Hambidge residency and has received several awards and honors for her choreography including the Mayor’s Fellowship in the Arts Award for Dance, a King Baudouin Foundation grant, and support from Idea Capital for new ideas in art.


Inside Out by Dana Lupton

Throughout the evening, Lupton will gather kinesthetic movements generated from stories guests share when answering the question, “When you were 14, what artist made a significant impact on your life?” Influenced by Celeste Miller’s choreographic process, Lupton will use this intimate interactive research structure to create original movement phrases inspired by guests’ memories.

Dana Marie Lupton co founder of Moving in the Spirit a nationally recognized youth development organization using dance to transform lives.


Death in the Rough by David L. Fisher

Actors: Bob Smith, Allen Stone, Joe McLaughlin, Chris Brooks, Jason Caldwell (Onion Man Productions and Lionheart Theatre Company)

Two men on a golfing outing discover a dead man. Again!

David Fisher is a local playwright and a regular with Onion Man Productions.

Something will happen,” asserts Jerry Cullum.

Three Elegant Bluegrass Songs by the Rosin Sisters

The Rosin Sisters are Barbara Panter-Connah, Jan Smith and Ann Whitley-Singleton, three fiddlers who combine tight vocal harmonies and energetic instrumentals (including guitar, banjo and bass) drawn from our rich and diverse Southern heritage of Roots music (Appalachian, Cajun, Blues and Honky Tonk).


Three World Folklorica Songs by Potpourri

As the name implies, “Potpourri” is a mixture of freeform genres and personalities, young and older, utilizing percussion, sitar, guitar, flute, and bass led by the captivating Venezuelan voice of Sonio Osio. Eclectic flavors smiling with South American Folklorica and American Sophistication.

DJ, Tim Degroot

The Rare Form DJ Crew is representative of a genderless musical experience that can be translated from a backyard barbecue, to a lounge type setting, to international super-clubs. Founded by DJ’s Tim DeGroot (a.k.a tD) and J. Posey (a.k.a. J.soL), Rare Form started it’s experience in 2001 as a collective of significant proportion and experience.


Lights by Michele Schuff

The installation of multiple cast resin lanterns lit by a singe transformer was inspired by and developed during residencies at The Hambidge Center in 2005 and 2007. The individual lights burn at different intensities, but collectively create a singe form. The lamp symbol has many meanings, but ultimately a lantern will light the dark. Courtesy of Whitespace Gallery.

Michele Schuff is a studio artist with The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and a Fellow of the Hambidge Center and VCCA. Schuff’s work explores themes of light through encaustic painting and three-dimensional cast forms. Her work is held in private collections in the U.S. and U.K. Michele exhibits with Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta.

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Jamie Badoud
Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke
Lucinda Bunnen
Carolyn Carr
Doug Foltz
Judy Higgins
Yolanda Head
Malissa Ladd
W. Chester Old
Suzanne Shaw
Barb Williams


Yellow Lady Slipper Host
The Hagedorn Family Foundation
Steve Sachs

Trillium Host
Lyn & Rick Asbill
Lucinda & Bob Bunnen
Sherry & Jeff Cohen
David J. Harris
Judy & Dave Higgins
Judy & Scott Lampert
Marchant & Ron Martin
Belinda & Ken Reusch
Hazel Sanger
Helen & Doc Schneider
Deb Sudbury
Barb & Thom Williams

Buck-eye Host
Alecia Adair-Foltz & Doug Foltz
Mo Akbar & Ed Stephenson
Judy & Dick Allison
Melissa Bunnen Jernigan
& James Jernigan
Angelyn & Neal Chandler
Susan & Carl Cofer
Annette Cone-Skelton
& Robert Hipps
Susan & Mike Conger
Martha Eskew & Chet Tisdale
Caroline & Peter Finnerty
Judy and Ed Garland
Carol Green Gellerstedt
Nena Griffith
Maggie Hagedorn
Wanda S. Hopkins
Buck-eye Host (continued)
Alfred Kennedy & Bill Kenny
Dorothy Yates Kirkley
Malissa Ladd & Bill Peace
Liz Lapidus & Robert Brawner
Rosemary Magee
& Ron Grapevine
Elizabeth & David Martin
Donna & Jeff Mintz
Kayla and Rob Osborne
Jerry Pair
Karen & Clay Rolader
John Ryan & Wesley Chenault
Jack Sawyer & Bill Torres
Jennifer & Jeff Seavey
Leckie & Bill Stack
Claire Sterk & Kirk Elifson
Ruth West & Bob Wells
Alice & Don Williams

May Apple Host
Bruce Cohen
Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke
& George Cooke
Diane Durgin
Anne & Marty Emanuel
Louise S. Gunn
Yolanda & Greg Head
Deborah Hunter
James Warren Jackson
Gordon Mansergh
W. Chester Old & Steven Bennett
Barbara Pyle
Susan Reed
Suzanne Shaw & Daniel Biddy
Dina Woodruff


The Hambidge Center is funded in part by the LUBO Fund, the Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council, and the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations for the Georgia General Assembly. The council is a Partner Agency of the National Endowment of the Arts.

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