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Hambidge Auction Archive - 2011

The 2011 Hambidge Art Auction and Performance Gala was held on Saturday, May 14, at the Bradford Gallery, Miami Circle, Atlanta. The silent auction featured 150 emerging and established artists from across the country, dance performance by gloATL, theatrical performance by Dad’s Garage, poetic performance by Free Poetry on Demand, plus installation art, musical performances, acts of intrigue, and much, much more! Creative cuisine, signature cocktails and libations provided by local purveyors, including: Blue Moon Brewing Co., Cypress Street Pint & Plate, Dennis Dean: A Catering Company, Hearth Pizza Tavern, YEAH! Burger, and Natalie Brigmond’s Cosmic Candy.

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Click on any of the images below to view a slide show of the evening.


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Auction Curators/Coordinators

Ben Goldman
Jenny Jensen Minkewicz

Auction Artists

Corinne Adams
Lisa Alembik
Linda Armstrong
Meg Aubrey
Whitney Wood Bailey
Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke
Rick Berman
Robin Bernat
Daniel Biddy
Jessica Blinkhorn
Mark Boomershine
Eileen Braun
Lucinda Bunnen
Jon Ciliberto
Karen Cleveland
Kelly Cloninger
Katy Coleman
Bethany Collins
Monica Compana
Chris Condon
Brandon Crawford
Jaynie Crimmins
Jerry Cullum
David D’Agostino
Sarah Daly
Tim Degroot
Jeff Demetriou
Terri Dilling
Yana Dimitrova
Stephanie Dowda
Amandine Drouet
Craig Drennen
Helen Durant
Brian Evans
Melissa Faduski
Mary Farmer
Shannon Felsot
Tim Flowers
John Paul Floyd
John Folsom
Doug Foltz
Barbara Foster
Jeff Gaines
Angus Galloway
Courtney Garrett
Meta Gary
Duane Georges
Rich Gere
Ben Goldman
Elissa Gore
Barry Gregg
Matt Haffner
Kate Henderson
Jenny Henley
Tony Hernandez
Shoun Hill
Julie Hilliard
Judy Holdroyd
Sara Hornbacher
Judy Horton
John Humphries
Tim Hunter
James Jernigan
Susan Ker-Seymer
Julia Kubica
Alex Kvares
Tom Lamar
Judy Lampert
Tracey Lane
Jack Lawing
Mark Leibert
Chris Lewis
George Long
Laura Martin
Pilar Martinez
Kelly McKernan
Heather McPherson
Michi Meko
Donna Mintz
Katherine Mitchell
Lynne Moody
David Morgan
Pam Moxley
Todd Murphy
Michael Murrell
Billy Newman
Kelly O’Brien
Jim O’Donnell
W. Chester Old
Clara O’Shea
Sam Parker
Margaret Patterson
Claire Paul
Fahamu Pecou
Joe Peragine
Mario Petrirena
Junco Pollack
Barbara Pyle
Teresa Reeves
Seana Reilly
Joe Remillard
Donald Robson
Rana Rochat
Paul Rodecker
Lucha Rodriguez
Dawn Roe
Pam Rogers
Cooper Sanchez
Joan Sauer
Barbara Schreiber
Suzi Selman
Sharon Shapiro
Tracy Sharp
Robert Sherer
Deanna Sirlin
DeWitt Smith
Sid Smith
Stephanie Smith
Edward Smucygz
Preston Snyder
Anne Stagg
Whitney Stansell
Marcy Starz
Mike Stedman
Rosemary Clark Stiefel
Douglas Stratton
Matthew Sugarman
John Sumner
Sunday Southern Art Revival
Jeff Surace
Marilyn Suriani
Tom Swanston
Karen Tauches
Katherine Taylor
Dayna Thacker
John Tindel
Hilary Tolan
Penny Treese
Meryl Truett
Joe Tsambiras
Lisa Tuttle
Christina Price Washington
Christian Bradley West
Michael West
Cosmo Whyte
Judy Winograd
Jennifer Yorke

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Jon Ciliberto
Karen Cleveland
Dad’s Garage Theatre Co.
David D’Agostino
Stephanie Dowda
    & John Paul Floyd
Free Poetry on Demand
Jeff Gaines
Jimmy Lo
Muleskinner MacQueen
Amber Nash
Kelly O’Brien
Sam Parker
RaRe FoRm Dj Tim Degroot
Tom Rittenhouse
Shana Robbins
Milford Thomas
R. Wals


Wisp by Karen E. Cleveland

This sculpture is part of a larger installation, Wisp, a forest that requests a reconsideration of the human relationship to nature and to the woods. It requests the recognition of the energy that inhibits in and flows between all matter and all living beings. It embodies cycles the materialization/de-materialization and life/death cycles found in nature.

Karen Cleveland was raised in Atlanta Georgia and spent summers living with her aunt on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Montana. Her work addresses, collapses and re-imagines the relationship of humans and the natural, the magical and the everyday and the sublime and mundane. Her work has been featured in New American Paintings and in Conceptions Southwest Magazine. She has shown both locally and nationwide and has attended residencies in New Mexico, North Carolina and Vermont. She is a Winnie G. Chandler Fellow and was recently nominated for the Dedalus Grant.


Performance by Amber Nash and Tom Rittenhouse of Dad’s Garage

Dad’s Garage engages, cultivates and inspires artists and audiences alike by producing innovative, scripted and improvised works that are recognized locally, nationally and internationally for being undeniably awesome.

Amber Nash currently serves as the Associate Artistic Director of Dad’s Garage Theatre where she performs, teaches and directs. She also lends her voice to the FX animated series “Archer.”
Tom Rittenhouse has been performing at Dad’s Garage since 2007 and is one of the theater company’s newest ensemble members. He’s also a professional filmmaker, both commercially and for entertainment.


Axis Mundi, Monstrous Feminine in Mexico, and Tree Ghost in Iceland (three video performances) by Shana Robbins

Constructing elaborately costumed personas, Robbins “haunts” remote spaces, performing ritualized gestures for the camera and the nonhuman natural realm in Coba and the Xpu Ha Jungle, Mexico; Skeidararsandur black desert, Iceland; and the Blue Lagoon and Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, Iceland.

Robbins lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. She has exhibited at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Marcia Wood Gallery, and Whitespace Gallery, in Atlanta; Beta Pictoris, Birmingham; Monkey Town, Brooklyn; MOBIUS, Boston; Rowan University Gallery, New Jersey; and Las Vegas Contemporary Art Center.


Music by Klimchak

Klimchak will be performing his solo percussion music using his rare Marimba Lumina and his theremin.

Klimchak is a composer and performer who specializes in solo music for theater, dance and performance.


Music by The Muleskinner MacQueen Trio

Featuring The Muleskinner hisself, “The Legend” Miss Naomi Lavender, and “Stockade” Sam McPherson, playing old time music from the days prior to radio and recording.

Muleskinner MacQueen: Born in the Foothills of North Carolina with a song on my lip and a six gun on my hip.


Family Ties by Stephanie Dowda & John Paul Floyd

Family Ties recreates an accessible yet fleeting place where our past exists; created from Floyd family negatives, the cyanotypes are tied to helium balloons in a space where the audience can walk freely around and through these descriptive and nostalgic images.

Stephanie Dowda and John Paul Floyd work collaboratively in the photographic medium which often deals with nostalgia, preservation of memories and finding ones place in the natural world.


CLAIRE by Milford Thomas

Atlanta filmmaker Milford Thomas’s CLAIRE is a 53-minute black and white silent film shot on an antique hand-crank 35mm Mitchell Standard movie camera. The film toured internationally, opening festivals in Milan, Brussels, Montreal and the U.S., always accompanied by the “Orchestra de Lune,” a live 11-piece chamber orchestra performing an original score under the baton of composer Anne Richardson.

CLAIRE is loosely based on the ancient Japanese fable “Kaguyahime.” Thomas’ version tells the story of a charming elderly male couple in the rural 1920s South (Radical Faeries Jim Ferguson and Mish P. DeLight) that find an enchanting girl from the moon on their farm (Toniet Gallego ) and adopt her as their own.

CLAIRE was shot in Atlanta and other locations throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina. Production monies were obtained through private fundraising, grants (including Dekalb Council for the Arts, Frameline, City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs), and generous in-kind donations.

A special 10th Anniversary screening with the live “Orchestra de Lune” is slated for November 3, 2011 at the non-profit historic Plaza Theatre, Atlanta. Composer Richardson is transposing the film’s score for string quartet for presentations beginning in 2012.



Performance by gloATL

gloATL is a collaborative platform of exceptional contemporary experience. gloATL creates in a mode whose process is as important as the end result. The forum incubates fresh, original work through live performance, public intervention, and a choreographic lab. Part choreography and part interactive art installation, gloATL performances bridge the gap between artist and audience to explore the phenomena of reception, intention and interpretation.


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Jamie Badoud
Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke
Lucinda Bunnen
Carolyn Carr
Doug Foltz
Judy Higgins
Yolanda Head
Malissa Ladd
Liz Lapidus
W. Chester Old
Suzanne Shaw
Barb Williams


Trillium Host
Susan & Ron Antinori
Artifacts Picture Framing
Lyn & Rick Asbill
Lucinda & Bob Bunnen
Donna & Jeff Mintz
Claire Sterk & Kirk Elifson
Barb & Thom Williams

Buck-eye Host
Ann Abrams
Alecia Adair-Foltz & Doug Foltz
Angelyn & Neal Chandler
Catherine & Byron Cocke
Sherry & Jeff Cohen
Annette Cone-Skelton
& Robert Hipps
Lavona Currie
Martha Eskew & Chet Tisdale
Nena Griffith
Yolanda & Greg Head
Judy & Dave Higgins
Melissa Bunnen Jernigan
& James Jernigan
Ann & Tim Johnson
Alfred Kennedy & Bill Kenny
Dorothy Yates Kirkley
Marianne & Dick Lambert
Buck-eye Host (continued)
Judy & Scott Lampert
Liz Lapidus
Marchant & Ron Martin
Katherine Mitchell & Jack Lawing
Elizabeth & David Martin
Kayla & Rob Osborne
Jerry Pair
Private Bank of Buckhead
Susan Reed
Belinda & Ken Reusch
John J. Ryan & Wesley Chenault
Jack Sawyer & Bill Torres
Jennifer & Jeff Seavey
Preston Snyder
Deborah Sudbury
Ruth West & Bob Wells

May Apple Host
Judy & Dick Allison
Anne & Martin Emanuel
Louise Gunn
Wanda Hopkins
James Warren Jackson
Saundra Maass-Robinson
Rosemary Magee
Joan Whitcomb
Charlotte Wilen
Dina Woodruff


The Hambidge Center is funded in part by the LUBO Fund, the Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council, and the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations for the Georgia General Assembly. The council is a Partner Agency of the National Endowment of the Arts.

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