“Façades of Truth” by Eley

During the 2019 Hambidge Art Auction + Masquerade Bash on October 26, portrait photographer Eley and her team photographed guests in ever-changing tableaux to create a series of captivating images.

From those images, Eley selected her 12 favorites to comprise Façades of Truth, this online exhibition co-presented by the Hambidge Center and Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

If you are interested in purchasing a photo from this exhibition, or one of the many other portraits Eley took during the event, click here. The non-exhibition portraits will be available for sale beginning Monday, November 18.

About Eley
Stephanie Eley, who simply goes by her last name Eley, is a local commercial and conceptual photographer who specializes in portraiture. She has a Masters degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and is currently on the Board of Directors for Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP). A staple of her work is rooted in the content created for humanity by bringing awareness to socio-political issues within our community. Her eye is drawn to dramatic lighting that emphasizes both the subject and their environment, allowing her to rejuvenate the traditional take on portraiture.