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Hambidge Auction - 2012

The 2012 Hambidge Art Auction and Performance Gala was held in Atlanta on Saturday, May 19, at the Goat Farm Arts Center. It was an imaginative intermingling of art & performances, featuring 200 emerging and established artists from across the country with dance, poetry, theater, and music, plus art installations, acts of intrigue, and much more. Guests wandered throughout the arts center – a former factory and historic site – to discover art, performances, installations, and experiences at every turn indoors and out.

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Click on any of the images below to view a slide show of the evening.

Enjoying a gorgeous evening. Photo by Teri Nye.The stage in Goodson Yard. Photo by Teri Nye.The stage in Goodson Yard. Photo by Teri Nye.Leah Song on stage in Goodson Yard. Photo by Teri Nye.
The picturesque checkout station. Our wonderful props, furniture and antiques were provided by Bobo Intriguing Objects and Love Train Antiques. The floral arrangements were created by Hambidge board member Paula Rogers. Photo by Teri Nye.Attendees shopping for artwork in Goodson Yard. Photo by Teri Nye.The Goat Farm Arts Center made the perfect backdrop for our 17th Annual Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala in this photo taken by Teri Nye.Attendees making bids on the artwork. Photo by Teri Nye.
A twilight image of Ashley Hinson's installation piece, The Magic Cave, in the window panes of an old building.A wonderful detail of the art that hangs around the Goat Farm daily. Photo by Teri Nye.A model shows off a piece by Jaynie Crimmons. The headpiece and the fabric design were both created by Jaynie. Photo by Teri Nye.Little Tybee playing at the 17th Annual Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala. Photo by Teri Nye.
The Mara Chanin Aerialists performing at the Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala. Photo by Teri Nye.The Mara Chanin Aerialists performing at the Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala. Photo by Teri Nye.The evening began with some competitive browsing at the $50 Works on Paper walls. All work in this section was $50, no matter the size of the piece or who the artist was. Wonderful pieces by emerging artists hung next to beautiful sketches donated by estaThe evening began with some competitive browsing at the $50 Works on Paper walls. All work in this section was $50, no matter the size of the piece or who the artist was. Wonderful pieces by emerging artists hung next to beautiful sketches donated by esta
Some of the work featured on the $50 wall.A wonderful selection of pottery was offered in the silent auction.Several artist's books were also available.Several artist's books were also available.
Bethany Collins created this lovely installation with blackboard paint and chalk. Bethany Collins with her piece A detail of Bethany Collins' piece Susan Cipcic created this quiet, contemplative site-specific installation.
A detail of Susan Cipcic's site-specific installation. A detail of Susan Cipcic's site-specific installation. A detail of Susan Cipcic's site-specific installation. A detail of Susan Cipcic's site-specific installation.
The main thoroughfare between the event buildings was a pleasant place to sit and take a little break.We asked guests to wear 'sturdy' shoes, but Ron understood that didn't have to mean 'boring'!We asked guests to wear 'sturdy' shoes, but Ron understood that didn't have to mean 'boring'!Resting while waiting for the next musician to perform.
Hambidge Fellow Leah Song (of Rising Appalachia) performing at the Hambidge Auction.Hambidge Fellow Leah Song (of Rising Appalachia) performing at the Hambidge Auction.Hambidge Fellow Leah Song (of Rising Appalachia) performing at the Hambidge Auction.Hambidge Fellow Leah Song (of Rising Appalachia) giving a short lesson on the history of the banjo at the Hambidge Auction.
Hambidge Fellow Leah Song (of Rising Appalachia) performing at the Hambidge Auction.Meanwhile, backstage, the folks from Neon Armour were applying body paint to the Mara Chanin Aerialists.Meanwhile, backstage, the folks from Neon Armour were applying body paint to the Mara Chanin Aerialists.Meanwhile, backstage, the folks from Neon Armour were applying body paint to the Mara Chanin Aerialists.

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Auction Curators/Coordinators

Ben Goldman
Jenny Jensen Minkewicz
Co-produced by the Goat Farm Arts Center

A special thanks to interns Caroline Annandale and Caralee Caudelle.

Auction Artists

Sean Abrahams + Corinne Adams + Lisa Alembik + Larry Anderson + Stephanie Anderson + Caroline Annandale + Kevin Archer + Amy Armour + Aaron Artrip + Meg Aubrey + David Baerwald + Avantika Bawa + Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke + Clem Bedwell + Paul Benjamin + Rick Berman + Daniel Biddy + Joshua Bienko + Ginger Birdsey + Mark Boomershine + Teresa Bramlette-Reeves + Eileen Braun + Lucinda Bunnen + Holly Bryan + Nina Chamberlain + Hannah Cherry + In Kyoung Chun + Jon Ciliberto + Charles Clary + Maurice Clifford + Marcia Cohen + Katie Coleman + Bethany Collins + Don Cooper + Alex Couwenberg + Brandon Crawford + Jesse Cregar + Clinton Crider + Jaynie Crimmins + Jerry Cullum + Sarah Daly + David Darracott + Elyse Defoor + Jeff Demetriou + Helen DeRamus + Rebecca DesMarais + Valerie Dibble + Terri Dilling + Stephanie Dowda + Amandine Drouet + Nakita Duncan + Helen Durant + Sarah Emerson + Melissa Faduski + Mary Farmer + John Paul Floyd + Doug Foltz + Gail Foster + Ruth Franklin + Jeff Gaines + Angus Galloway + Jane Garver + Annette Gates + Rich Gere + Mike Germon + Jean Glenn + Ben Goldman + Krista Grecco + Holly Hanessian + Stephen R. Harry + Mimi Silver Hart + Maggie Hasbrouk + Grady Haugerud + Courtney Hammond + Jenny Henley + Jackson Henry + Tony Hernandez + Margaret Hiden + Susan Hillyard + Ashley Hinson + Tim Hunter + Deborah Hutchinson + James Jernigan + Donna Johnson + Jennifer Jones + Darlene Kaczmarczyk + Anna Kell + Bryan Kennelly + Marcus Kenney + Susan Ker-Seymer + Lane Ketner + Grace Kim + Diana Kingsley + David Knox + Jason Kofke + Katherine Kolb + Judy Lampert + Tracey Lane + Jackson Lawine + Jack Lawing + Mark Leibert + Harriet Leibowitz + Chris Lewis + Beth Lilly + George Long + Lori-Gene + Hailey Lowe + Romy Malloon + Ann-Marie Manker + April Marten + Laura Martin + Asia Matos + Trek Matthews + Amy Mazzetta + Cory McBurnett + Jill McGannon + Patrick McGannon + Peter McIntosh + Forest McMullin + Heather McPherson + Michi Meko + Corrina Mensoff + Catherine Miles + Quenton Colby Millen + Bailly Millin + Donna Mintz + Katherine Mitchell + Linda Mitchell + Matthew Mitros + Lynne Moody + Pam Moxley + Sally Muir + Laura Murphey + Kell Murphy + Todd Murphy + Michael Murrell + Eleanor Neal + Iiona Niemi + Kelly O'Brien + Jim O'Donnell + Chester W. Old + Clara O’Shea + Masud Olufani + Erin Palovick + Sam Parker + Margaret Patterson + Claire Paul + Joe Peragine + Sarah Perez + Iman Person + Allen Peterson + David Peterson + Mario Petrirena + Thomas Player + Junco Pollock + Kyam Putney + Barbara Pyle + Justin Rabideau + Wretrick Rausaw + Seana Reilly + David Robinson + Donald Robson + Rana Rochat + Paul Rodecker + Dawn Roe + Brandon Sadler + Cynzia Sanchez + Andrea Sanders + Mark Sandlin + Red Sandlin + Debrah Santini + Ashley Schick + Barbara Schreiber + Michele Schuff + Jessica Scott-Felder + Suzi Selman + Dianna Settles + Sharon Shapiro + Tracy Sharp + Nathan Sharratt + Robert Sherer + Jerry Siegel + Matthew Sigmon + Danna Simonis + Jessica Smith + Sidney Smith + Stephanie Smith + Edward Smucygz + Jason Snape + Preston Snyder + Maja Spasova + Whitney Stansell + Marcy Starz + Lu Steed + Ben Steele + Rosemary Stiefel + Douglas Stratton + Dorothy Stucki + Matthew Sugarman + Sunday Southern Art Revival + Jeff Surace + Tom Swanston + Karen Tauches + Katherine Taylor + Tommy Taylor + Kirstie Tepper + Dayna Thacker + Barbara Campbell Thomas + John Tindel + Penny Treese + Julianne Trew + Joe Tsambiras + Kate Turner + Lisa Tuttle + Nancy VanDevender + Ivan Villa + Shawn Vinson + Liz Webb + Heather Weese + Johnathan Welsh + Christian Bradley West + Michael West + Brittany White + Martha Whittington + Jay Wiggins + Vanessa Williams + Hannah Wilson + Judith Winograd + more!

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Caroline Annandale & Friends + Christ, Lord + Katie Ballard & Adrian Barzaga + Nathan Brown + Paul Clark Photography + Jerry Cullum + Mara Chanin + Franklin Vincent Cox III + GloATL + Kristina Guede + The Imaginary Menagerie + LaSalle Amato Project + Little Tybee + Trek Matthews + Doug & Claire Paul + Allen Peterson + Rare Form DJ + Nathan Sharratt + Neon Armour + Leah Song of Rising Appalachia + Lori VanVoorhis

Susan Cipcic + Bethany Collins + Jaynie Crimmins + Sarah Flinn + John Folsom + Tom Haney + Ashley Hinson + Lonnie Holley + Andrew Kornylak + George Long + Katy Malone + Corrina Mensoff + Jim O'Donnell + Joe Peragine + Allen Peterson + Maja Spasova + Whitney & Micah Stansell + Nikki Starz


Allen Peterson
Roaming musician with handmade instrument 

Ashley Hinson
The Magic Cave
Light and grease-print installation
When given the opportunity to make a one night only installation for this event, we wanted to utilize the strength of the location, the philosophy of the Hambidge Art Center, and make something Badass. The Magic Cave is a physical manifestation of a temporal imagined space created during moments of realization and genius.

Volunteers Needed (psa)

Screen printed wheat pasted posters
Doing the world a favor, by reminding it that we need certain things... Volunteers Needed is a public service announcement stating that we need just such. This poster is one in a growing series of posters we are pasting at various locations documented through photograph. The posters use lifted slogans from vernacular language, they are unremarkable and can go unnoticed when sandwiched between movie ads and album drop dates, however, they aim for direct engagement with the potential viewer.

Bethany Collins
I’m Just So Politically Correct Today II
Wall painted with chalk and accompanying video
I’m Just So Politically Correct Today II
begins with an unsettling question and eventually ends with an equally unsettled composition, as the title of the work is slowly and tediously deconstructed in white chalk on a stark black chalkboard. As with each work from her White Noise series, I’m Just So Politically Correct Today II attempts to deconstruct meaning behind language through an obsessive preoccupation with text.  

Caroline & Friends
Relational aesthetic performance piece to include singing, music, laughter, maybe some story telling – all by a campfire including fancy s’mores.

Christ Lord
The group’s enigmatic blend of gypsy, vaudeville, folk and jazz feels vibrant and spontaneous and is best heard live and in person where their songs’ worldly wrinkles and rusted edges can be felt the fullest.

Doug and Claire Paul
Doug and Claire are presenting an improvisation on popular musical performance. Using standard musical and original works, through unusual instrumentation and experimental sounds the performers are seeking to stretch the loop of the song's content and ideas to contextualize new sound and meanings.

Frank Cox III
Professional whistler performing with gloAtl and by himself.

George Long
A series of silkscreen printed images wheat pasted, located on the walls around the Goat Farm. I find simple images that are metaphors for things people do emotionally and mentally. Piles of chopped wood, log piles, material that has been changed and is now debris or a stock pile.

GloATL’s work increasingly shares a synergy with art forms, blending classical elements with the complexity and groove of today’s rhythmic culture. Part choreography and part interactive art installation, glo performances regularly bridge the gap between artists and audience, to explore fundamentals found in philosophies of relational aesthetics, such as being together, voluntary migration, and the “inter” human. 

The Imaginary Menagerie
Brandon Ross and Julia Hill are puppeteers and artists from Atlanta, GA. Their collaborative group, The Imaginary Menagerie, focuses on creating giant puppets and has performed in a wide variety of environments. For the Hambidge Auction, they will be introducing Picasso the Gorilla and Bones. Both are fascinating and unique larger-than-life stilt puppets.

Jaynie Crimmins
Unsourced Material utilizes shredded household texts, fabric imprinted with images of these reconfigured shreds, thread and small LED lights. Unsourced Material refers to unverified internet information often accepted as truth. With the profusion of unsourced text and imagery influencing our lives, Unsourced Material is a play on words commenting on how we are enveloped by and wrapped up in this daily bombardment of materials. Created in collaboration with designer Cynthia Holder.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, and a resident of New York State until 2007, Jaynie Crimmins now lives in Atlanta , GA.  She was an art educator for over 20 years. Most recently, she exhibited work in Transcendence, a group show at Kibbee Gallery in Atlanta and was juried into Georgia Artists at the Abernathy Arts  Center.

Jerry Cullum
Poetry reading

Jim O’Donnell
Where do we go from here? is a video installation by Atlanta-based artist James O’Donnell that attempts to provoke others into similar contemplation of that existential question through an immersive video and audio installation exploring the self through references to the internal and external; past and future; and connection and disconnection using footage collected while camping on Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Joe Peragine
Projection of compilation of animated shorts by artist Joe Peragine.

John Folsom
Year Without A Summer: 1816
Year Without A Summer is a collection of 3 vintage turntables that spills out the sounds of the forest. This audio piece is meant to evoke a climactic event that happened in 1816 and caused such a shock that tree’s in the northern hemisphere failed to record a growth ring.

John Folsom (b. 1967) is a mixed media artist born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University. His work deals primarily with the way in which images of landscape are used or fictionalized to present a personal sense of place. Folsom’s photographic paintings have been widely exhibited for the past 10 years and can be 
found in many collections worldwide.

Katie Ballard and Adrian Barzaga
Aerialists performing Spanish web style. Local creatives, Katie Ballard and Adrian Barzaga, are members of Atlanta’s own homegrown circus, The Imperial Opa. They enjoy long walks on the beach, a good book by the fire, and spinning in circles while hanging upside down.

Katy Malone
Wood, vines and mixed material
For this piece I am referencing organic forms while using natural found materials. I was considering the broad themes of sustainability, and organic creation. The vines and branches came out of my yard, and the construction was based on intuitive observations of the environment. Within the natural world lives the sublime, and thats what I wanted to achieve with this work.

Katy Malone grew up in Georgia. After obtaining a degree in biology, she worked as a researcher and lab rat while moonlighting as a painter. A few years later she returned to school for an MFA in Studio Arts. Currently Katy works as an arts administrator at South Arts while producing work of her own. Her educational background plays a heavy role in her artwork as does her love of the outdoors.

LaSalle Amato Project
The La Salle Amato Project is the musical collaboration of Alexis M. La Salle and Frank “Buzz” Amato. Together, these two dynamic artists discovered that their unique talents were the perfect compliment to one another. They cross genres seemingly with ease and always with style and flair. For an evening of entertainment and fun, come experience the LaSalle Amato Project!

Leah Song of Rising Appalachia
Leah Song is a powerful songstress, musician, multi-instrumentalist, storyteller, poet, and global griot steeped in the traditions of Southern Soul and international Roots Music. Living between New Orleans, Cuba, India, Appalachia, and Latin America, she tears into songs with outrageous prowess; travels with fire under her belt, songs in her pocket, and a global girth that carries her spirit to every corner it touches.

See her work here both solo, and as front woman with her sister Chloe Smith of the internationally acclaimed project Rising Appalachia. www.facebook.com/LeahSongMusic

Little Tybee
Little Tybee is something of a mini orchestra with its 6 members delicately woven in intricate musicianship. Their sound transcends genre yet leaves the listener with a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. 

Living Walls
Live painting on the ground by Living Walls artist Trek Matthews.

Maja Spasova
Lipstick Crucifixion: Femininity, the law of beauty and other feminine laws; the journey between different states of mind and of heart; 
the pretty face slowly transforms into a clown, then a believer and finally to sink into despair; the video performance is defined by both gravity and humor.

Maja Spasova has been presented at international exhibitions and festivals such as Venice Biennial, ARTEC Nagoya, Dak'art Senegal etc. She has more than 100 solo shows and is represented in public and private collections all over the world.

Mara Dennis, Nathan Brown, Jordan Dayan, Lori VanVoorhis + Neon Armour
Combining the beauty of fine art with the graceful strength of movement, these aerialists use their bodies to showcase both. The lyra provides a circular frame through which they flow and form breathing dynamic life into the works created on their bodies by the artists of Neon Armour.

Nathan Sharrat
Be My Blood Brother is an interactive performance by artist Nathan Sharratt that explores how families are created by using constructed bonding in place of genetic bonding. The traditional blood-brother ritual's ingredients are removed and fake blood is used in place of real blood.

Nikki Starz
Nikki Starz is currently in the process of building “natural history” exhibits of various sizes and shapes. Within each diorama she contradicts or embellishes the preconceived notion each animal, landscape, or object is inherently primed with. She uses these objects as metaphorical tools within each diorama’s specific dialogue.

While pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Sculpture at Kennesaw State University, Starz cultivated an interest in constructing well-crafted, conceptually-derived figurative sculpture. After graduating she worked for various companies who build sets, natural history exhibits and museum artifacts. These industry experiences have greatly altered my concepts, material choices and techniques. She now works primarily with fiberglass, resin, foam, modeling clay, silicones, and casting plastics.

Paul Clark Photography
This year’s photo booth is by Atlanta native and visual artist Paul Clark. Paul attended Georgia State University and can be seen snapping photos all over town these days. Visit his website at paulclarkphoto.com for a sample, and be sure and stop by the photo booth for your place in history!

Sarah Flinn
Installment of the Lamps
The Installment of the Lamps will bring the warmth and vitality of the Goat Farm's Warhorse Cafe to its revitalizing, alfresco landscapes.

Sarah Flinn pulls inspiration from her environmental surroundings coupled with the whimsy of obscured dream state.

Susan Cipcic
A site-specific installation assembled from found ceramic items. Orbs hang within a quiet niche, sheltered by industrial steel and mulberry branches.

Tom Haney and Andrew Kornylak
Kinetics 2012 – a collaboration between artist Tom Haney and photographer Andrew Kornylak – is an interactive video projection experience. Employing the concept of video feedback, Kinetics is projected onto the multi-textured walls of the Rodriguez Room. Knowingly or not, as observers pass in front of the projection, they become a part of the creation.

Tom Haney is an Atlanta based kinetic artist who creates figurative works traditionally known as automata. Recently, exploring the genre of video production, Haney created 7 puppet figures and co-directed the prize-winning Little Tybee music video, “Boxcar Fair”, shot at the Goat Farm in the fall of 2011.
Andrew Kornylak is an award-winning videographer and photographer who also directs music videos and other short films. His feature film, “A Fine Line”, won the 2012 Mammoth Mountain Film Award for Best Feature. Kornylak also lent his talents as director of photography for the “Boxcar Fair” music video.

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Trillium Host
Susan & Ron Antinori + Lucinda & Bob Bunnen + Martha Eskew & Chet Tisdale + Judy & Ed Garland + Collin & Tom Lines + Belinda & Ken Reusch + Steve Sachs + Barb & Thom Williams

Buck-eye Host
Alecia Adair-Foltz & Doug Foltz + Lisa & Joe Bankoff + Kelley & Neil Berman + Melissa Bunnen Jernigan & James Jernigan + Angelyn & Neal Chandler + Sherry & Jeff Cohen + Annette Cone-Skelton & J. Robert Hipps + Susan & Mike Conger + Lavona Currie + Margaret & Dallas Denny + Anne & Martin Emanuel + Debbie & Ric Felker + Peggy & Rawson Foreman + Carol & Larry Gellerstedt + Nena Griffith + Maggie Hagedorn + Nancy & Gene Hooff + Bobbo Jetmundsen + Dorothy Yates Kirkley + Marianne & Dick Lambert + Judy & Scott Lampert + Liz Lapidus + Rosemary Magee & Ron Grapevine + Gordon Mansergh + Elizabeth & David Martin + March & Ron Martin + Michael McGaughey & Craig Kettles + Jo & Jim McLean + Donna & Jeff Mintz + Kayla & Rob Osborne + Jerry Pair + Terri & Craig Pendergrast + Debby & Mark Pirrung + Susan Reed + Paula & Russ Rogers + Karen & Clay Rolader + D. Jack Sawyer & Bill Torres + Jennifer & Jeff Seavey + Jane Fickling Skinner & Dan Skinner + Preston Snyder + Claire Sterk & Kirk Elifson + Rosemary & Bill Stiefel + Deb Sudbury + Mary & Sam Thomas + Ruth West & Bob Wells + Joan Whitcomb

May Apple Host
Lyn & Rick Asbill + Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke & George Cooke + Jane Cofer & David Roper + Cathy Ding + Diane Durgin + Sarah Gillespie + Anne Harper + Judy & Dave Higgins + James W. Jackson + Ann & Tim Johnson + Chris Lewis & John Johnson + Katherine Mitchell & Jack Lawing + Suzanne Shaw & Daniel Biddy + Anne Sterchi + Judy Zaban


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The Hambidge Center is funded in part by the LUBO Fund, the Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council, and the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations for the Georgia General Assembly. The council is a Partner Agency of the National Endowment of the Arts.

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