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Hambidge Auction Archive - 2013

The 2013 event was a magical evening of
artwork by over 150 superb artists,
music, dance, theatre & poetry,
serious food & drink,
art installations,
and more!

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Honoring the Culinary Arts

We were proud that Hambidge Fellow Alisa Barry and husband Smith Hanes served as
Honorary Chairs.
Ms. Barry is an artist, author, entrepreneur and creator of Bella Cucina.
Mr. Hanes is the designer responsible for some of Atlanta's favorite dining spots.
Up for bid were xclusive arts & culinary experiences with:
Radcliffe Bailey, Michael Rooks, the Peachtree String Quartet, and more.

During the Private Preview Party, Host and VIP patrons enjoyed a special menu of “artful food” and wine by Bella Cucina, craft cocktails, exclusive art tours, first chance to buy works on paper, and a special musical performance.

Our 18th Annual Silent Art Auction took place from 7-10 at the Goat Farm Arts Center where guests wandered throughout the grounds – a former factory and historic site – to discover imaginative art, performances, installations, and experiences at every turn indoors and out.

Serious food was provided by
Anis Cafe & Bistro, Bad Dog Taqueria, King + Duke, Miso Izakaya, Nourish, Seven Lamps and Woodfire Grill

Event Co-chairs

Woodie Wisebram  +  Barb Williams


Ben Goldman  +  Jenny Jensen Minkewicz
+  Susan Bridges assisting with installations

Co-produced by the Goat Farm Arts Center.
Led by Anthony Harper  +  Chris Melhouse  +  Mark DiNatale  +  Justin Newton  +  Tian Justman  +  Danny Davis

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Auction Artists

Donors of Paintings, Pottery, Photography, Sculpture, $50 Works on Paper & more

Corinne Adams  +  Alvaro Alvillar  +  Ashley Anderson  +  Anita Arliss  +  Aaron Artrip  +  Meg Aubrey  +  Temme Barkin-Leeds  +  Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke  +  Laura Bell  +  Daniel Biddy  +  Mike Black  + Eileen Braun  +  Jeff Brown  +  Lucinda Bunnen  +  Winthrop Byers  +  Jessica Caldas  +  Jennifer Cawley  +  Maurice Clifford  +  Kelly Cloninger  +  Marcia Cohen  +  Bethany Collins  +  Kathy Colt  + Chris Condon  +  Don Cooper  +  Jules Cozine  +  Brandon Crawford  +  Jaynie Crimmins  +  Jerry Cullum  +  Glenn Dair  +  Elyse Defoor  +  Mariana Depetris  +  Rebecca Des Marias  +  Lucy Dierks  +  Terri Dilling  +  Erin Dixon  +  Craig Drennen  +  Stephanie Dowda  +  Helen Durant  +  Tom Egan  +  Sarah Eusebio  + Melissa Faduski  +  Mary Farmer  +  Julia Fenton  +  Chase Folsom  +  John Folsom  +  Doug Foltz  +  Angus Galloway  +  Courtney Garrett  +  Jane Garver  +  Annette Gates  +  Rich Gere  +  Sarah Gillespie  +  Jean Glenn  +  Ben Goldman  +  Krista Grecco  +  Matt Haffner  + Paul Hagedorn  +  Alison Hamil  +  Rebecca Hanna  +  Joey Hannaford  +  Morgan Hayes  + Jenny Henley  +  Margaret Hiden  +  Jeshua Holt  + Sun Hong  + Deborah Hutchinson  +  Scott Ingram  +  Donna M. Johnson  +  Benjamin Jones  +  Matt Kelleher  +  Marcus Kenney  +  Susan Ker-Seymer  +  Lane Ketner  + Grace Kim  +  Michael Klapthor  +  Cynthia Knapp  +  Kent Knowles  + Jason Kofke  +  Judy Lampert  +  Tracey Lane  +  Jack Lawing  +  Harriet Leibowitz  +  Chris Lewis  +  Dena Light  + Beth Lilly  +  Carl Linstrum  +  George Long  +  Lori-Gene  +  Hailey Lowe  +  Romy Aura Maloon  +  Anne-Marie Manker  + Bri Matheson  +  Trek Matthews  +  Chris McClure  +  Corrina Mensoff  +  Cathryn Miles  +  Donna Mintz  +  Linda Mitchell  +  Matthew Mitros  +  Christopher Moulder  +  Gordon Muir  +  Sally Muir  +  Todd Murphy  +  Michael Murrell  +  Eleanor Neal  +  Christopher Neuenschwander  +  Chester Old  +  Masud Olufani  +  Mary O’Malley  +  Erin Palovick  +  Margaret Patterson  +  Fahamu Pecou  +  Joe Peragine  +  Iman Person  +  Lauren Peterson  +  Tom Player  +  Junco Pollock  + Lynn Pollard  +  Barbara Pyle  + Justin Rabideau  +  Anne Rafferty  +  Teresa Bramlette Reeves  +  Barb Rehg  +  Brenda Rehrig  +  Seana Reilly  +  Barry Rhodes  +  Adrina Richard  +  Susan Robert  +  David Robinson  +  Don Robson  +  Rana Rochat  +  Paul Rodecker  +  Dawn Roe  +  Stacie U. Rose  +  Ann Rowles  +  Steven Sachs  +  Ken Sedberry  +  Suzi Selman  +  Mark Schoon  +  Michele Schuff  +  Robert Sherer  +  Jerry Siegel  +  Steven Silber  +  Gertrude Graham Smith  +  Sid Smith  +  Preston Snyder  +  Micah Stansell  +  Whitney Stansell  +  Marcy Starz  +  Nikki Starz  + Rosemary Clark Stiefel  +  Douglas Stratton  + Matthew Sugarman  +  Jeff Surace  +  David Swann  +  Tom Swanston  +  Karen Tauches  +  Katherine Taylor  +  Tommy Taylor  +  Dayna Thacker  +  Penny Treese  +  Julianne Trew  + Joe Tsambiras  +  Lisa Tuttle  +  Marcia Vaitsman  +  Nancy VanDevender  +  Morgan Victoria  +  Christina Price Washington  +  Heather Weese  +  Jonathan Welsh  +  Christian Bradley West  +  Michael West  +  Martha Whittington  + Judith Winograd  +  Stan Woodard  +  Jennifer Yorke  +  Ling Y. Zhang  +  more

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Free Poems on Demand (Nick Charis  +  Jon Ciliberto  +  Zac Denton)  +  Eliza Rickman  +  Rare Form DJ Crew  +  Bridget Roosa & Anna Leo

Meg Aubrey  +  Paul Stephen Benjamin  +  Mike Black  +  Jonathan Bouknight  +  Didi Dunphy  +  Matt Gilbert  +  Jeshua Holt  +  Jason Kofke  +  Adam Magyar  +  Casey McGuire  +  Michael David Murphy  +  Chester Old  +  Adrienne Outlaw  +  Justin Rabideaux & Ben Coleman  +  Stephanie Smith  +  Marcia Vaitsman  +  Bean Worley


Meg and Mark Aubrey
Interactive Suburban Experience

The recognizable objects of suburbia: landscaping, sidewalks, trash cans, and brick mailboxes permeate Meg Abrey's paintings. The landscapes contain desperately controlled and perfectly presented elements of an environment created to hold back the engulfing emptiness of a life filled with the effort of living up to expectations. Aubrey investigates neighborhoods full of successful individuals who use outward appearance to express their achievements, yet the reality is that the promise of an idyllic lifestyle filled with beauty, friendship, and security is not always found at the end of the cul-de-sac. Her work examines and deconstructs this environment, pulling apart the individual elements to tell stories of daily suburban existence.

For this piece Meg collaborated with Mark Aubrey.

Paul Stephen Benjamin
AaBbCcKkLl, 2012

Video, black and white, no sound, 04:04 minutes

AaBbCcKkLl is a video installation consisting of 5 stacked TV monitors playing multiple DVD's on continuous loop.  The looped videos are an investigation of time, history and American iconography.

Jonathan Bouknight
Nails & Buttons
The video Nails & Buttons (2011), by artist Jonathan Bouknight, is part of an ongoing series in which he works with a collaborator, setting up a scenario and asking them to act out an action while he films what transpires.  In this piece, the performer has been asked to button her blouse after 7” acrylic nails have been professionally applied to both of her hands.  With the handicap of such an extravagant “beauty aid,” it took her almost 25 minutes to complete a normally simple, routine task.  In Nails & Buttons, the actor struggles with, and adapts to, a self-induced physical limitation – a fabricated version of a naturally occurring growth – bringing an awareness of the discordance between body and “self” to both the actor and the viewer.

Mike Black
Disregard series # 3
PVC pipe, Spray paint, building's architecture

This is Mike Black’s third installment of the Disregard series. Black seeks out abandoned, forgotten, or overlooked sites for these sculptural interventions. He chooses to use uncommon materials and
spaces and transforms them by playing off the architecture and integrating his pieces into the sites themselves. The goal of this project is to ignite curiosity and further engage people with their

Funded in part by the Idea Capital.

Didi Dunphy

Swing Set
A Swing for two. The upholstered bench is oversized, as are the acrylic tassels that hang from the playful plastic coated chain.  The Swing Frame comes complete with a laser-cut ‘Tiara” up on top.

See Saw
Up and down you go.  A vinyl upholstered bench big enough for two or more.
Didi Dunphy is a native New Yorker, Los Angeles transplant, having moved to Athens with her family in 2000. Ms. Dunphy received an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in the contemporary arts. She is an accomplished artist having had exhibits in major venues such as the Atlanta Contemporary, COCA, St. Louis, Telfair Museum in Savannah, the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art in Florida, the Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA and more.

Ms. Dunphy is the Director and Curator at the Gallery@Hotel-Indigo-Athens and the GlassCube project space.

Jeshua Holt
Neither Here Nor There
Walnut and Porcelain Pallets/ Video Installation

Neither Here Nor There deals with the idea of memory indexing and archiving. Examining the construction and categorizing of such information and the possible parallels it may have to the people we become.

Jason Kofke     
Everyone and Everything

8mm film projection, 35mm slide projection, VHF transmission, surveillance cameras, televisions.

Adam Magyar

The Stainless video project is located on the borderline of still photography and motion picture.  I took my Stainless images from the platform with an industrial camera, but for the Stainless video, I took the subway and photographed the people waiting for the train on the platform with a slow motion camera.

An endless row of living sculptures brought together by the same subway line, the same direction, the same intention of taking the train to get caught and carried away by the urban flow.  All their motions slowed down, they are graceful and stainless holding their breath waiting for their train to pull into the station.

Casey McGuire
The Lure of Landscape
Video Installation with TVs
I am provoked by the eerie qualities of abandoned houses in Carrollton, Georgia, where I reside.  In my previous installations I have looked at the dysfunction of the concept of home and how these dysfunctions are amplified through objects. In my installation The Lure of Landscape, a tumultuous river of televisions and teetering facades of the domestic provide a disconnected arrays of visual stimuli that evokes a emotional and contemplative construct of landscape. The idea of an ‘artificial paradise’ refers to a space controlled by the individual (specifically home or house). In my works I orchestrate various elements to construct a personal narrative that investigates the problematic nature of artifice and perfection, specifically in this installation in regards to landscape and the domestic.

Michael David Murphy
Painters Panting

A supercut of inhalations and exhalations from (in order) Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg, Kenneth Noland, Jasper Johns & Larry Poons.  From "Painters Painting", the original 1972 film by Emile de Antonio.

Chester Old
This installation, in its simplest form, is about communication. Isn’t that a big part of art? Not only communication to the viewer but for the artist through the entire process of creating . There is a lot of communication going on at Hambidge! From artists expressing themselves through their own work to artists talking to other artists about what they are doing, thinking about, reading about, experiencing in life and on and on.

So this piece is kind of a snapshot of what I have been doing in my studio (some of these pieces were started during my residency in one of the Hambidge studios). A slice of my life. It will include mixed media pieces called Repaired/Broken (working title), paper pieces titled Letters Never Written, mixed media megaphones, self-portraits, and some everyday objects all meticulously arranged as one piece, rich in symbolism about life. I am a storyteller…

Adrienne Outlaw
(in collaboration with Mariel Bolton)
This video celebrates the feminine power of touch. It is part of a body of work I am developing that examines, exposes and questions the complex and contradictory circumstances surrounding concepts of desire, comfort and nurture.

Justin Rabideau & Ben Coleman
Sculptural, sound work

Collaborating on Echo Justin Rabideau and Ben Coleman explore the notion of our interior spaces, Echo examines how sounds travel and become distorted within our homes. The installation focuses on the visual and experiential aspects of how communication travels within our living spaces. A call from one room to another becomes a vibration through our home, shifting and morphing as it travels through the rafters and floorboards of our intimate dwellings. Echo imagines how these vibration shift our spaces, alter our surrounding and seep into the materials of our homes.

Warrior Woman Pantoum
Choreography: Anna Leo
Dancer: Bridget Roosa
Music: Steve Everett

A pantoum is a Malayan poetry form in which the second and fourth lines of a stanza are repeated as the first and third lines of the following stanza. This solo uses that form as its structural base, and seeks to draw on movement energy that evokes images of both strength and nurturing.

Anna Leo is an associate professor of dance at Emory University. She created the Warrior Woman Pantoum solo in the Garden space at the Hambidge Center. Her choreographic interests often involve making dances by imposing external structures.

Bridget Roosa is an Associate Professor of Dance and the Director of the Dance Program at Agnes Scott College. She is also an active performer, choreographer, and is certified to reconstruct dances from Labanotation score.

Stephanie Smith
Printed flags with lights
Stephanie Smith will create an installation of joyful party pennants that flutter and twinkle in the evening sky but which hint to the threat of disaster that is always hanging overhead.

Marcia Vaitsman
Video HD. Original sound track: Enrique Bernacchini. How long is permanence? The 27 antennas, I see from my window, are huge upright objects ejecting to the sky a massive amount of human expectations and meanings, private and collective, can they be seen as metaphysical allegories? Contemporary urban totems? When culture becomes less artifact based, the speed of transfer of information leads me to think of how we are going to negotiate spaces in our cities. Preservation has strong roots in the transfer of knowledge through artifacts. In ancient places, for instance Rome, preservation provides cultural artifacts for the transference of knowledge of several moments: birth and rebirths of the city. These rebirths are strongly related to the endurance of its citizens to adapt to new economies, waves of migration, natural catastrophes or simply boredom: adaptation and reinvention of themselves as a strategy to survive. Caetano Veloso wrote about Sao Paulo: “it is all about the money that builds and destroys pretty things".

Bean Worley
This video work presents old media in a new context and uses found images and videos to create new understandings or knowledge within the art domain. His films and video are part of an experimental exploration in new media. His videos are also reveals a body of work that is in constant development.
Historically, this work builds on the Dadaist art movement by incorporating video-montage and use of strange juxtapositions. It also picks up on Walter Benjamins (1936) ideas on art in the mechanical age, but with a shift in focus to art in a digital age, where work can be produced in excess and be created and published immediately. His video tonight are created from sounds in the room to the moods of the spectators.

Bean Worley courtesy of Get This! Gallery.

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Trillium Hosts
Susan & Ron Antinori  +  Turner Ball & Alan Richmond  +  Lucinda Bunnen  +  Sherry & Jeff Cohen  +  Margaret & Dallas Denny  +  Martha Eskew & Chet Tisdale  +  Jen & Bowman Garrett  +  Nena Griffith  +  Maggie Hagedorn & Brian Fitzgerald  +  Collin & Tom Lines  +  Marchant & Ron Martin  +  Paula & Russ Rogers  +  Mary & Mark Sage  +  Steve Sachs - Artifacts Picture Framing  +  Mary Callan Thomas & Sam Thomas  +  Ruth West & Bob Wells  +  Barb & Thom Williams  +  Wilmington Trust  +  Woodie & Steve Wisebram

Buck-eye Hosts
Alecia Adair-Foltz & Doug Foltz  +  Lyn & Rick Asbill  +  Lisa & Joe Bankoff  +  Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke & George Cooke  +  Kelley & Neil Berman  +  Melissa Bunnen Jernigan & James Jernigan  +  Donna & Andy Cash  +  Cindi Fetch & Preston Snyder  +  Nancy & Gene Hooff  +  Christie & Fraser Hudgins  +  Sally & Warren Jobe  +  Ann & Tim Johnson  +  Donna Johnson  +  Lori-Ann & Bill Johnson  +  Dorothy Yates Kirkley  +  Judy & Scott Lampert  +  Liz Lapidus  +  Gordon Mansergh  +  Elizabeth & David Martin  +  Michael McGaughey & Craig Kettles  +  Jo & Jim McLean  +  Carr McCuiston - The Signature Shop  +  Donna & Jeff Mintz  +  Mary & Tim Moore  +  Kayla & Rob Osborne  +  Jerry Pair  +  Malissa & William Peace  +  Sandra & Tom Player  +  Barbara & Stuart Pliner  +  Lynn Pollard  +  Adrian & Jim Pressley  +  Private Bank of Buckhead  +  Susan Reed  +  Karen & Clay Rolader  +  John Ryan & Wesley Chenault  +  Suzanne Shaw & Daniel Biddy  +  Leckie & Bill Stack  +  Claire Sterk & Kirk Elifson  +  Rosemary & Bill Stiefel  +  Dina Woodruff

May Apple Hosts
Cyndae Arrendale  +  Susan Bridges  +  Annette Cone-Skelton & Robert Hipps  +  Katherine Graham - Haven Feng Shui  +  Anne Harper  +  Patricia & Carl Hartrampf  +  Judy Higgins  +  James Warren Jackson  +  Marianne Lambert  +  Katherine Mitchell & Jack Lawing  +  Chris Lewis & John Johnson  +  Beth Jones  +  Mo Kennedy  +  Jay Mitchell  +  Sally Rogers Mitchell  +  Liz Pulliam  +  Saundra Robinson  +  Michael Rooks  +  Nancy Sanders  +  Jane Fickling Skinner & Dan Skinner  +  Anne Sterchi  +  Brenda Stockdale & Michael Milton  +  Mary Storch & Hugh Ball  +  Marsha Taylor  +  Anne Lambert Tracht  +  Alison Womack-Jowers  +  Judy Zaban Miller


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The Hambidge Center is funded in part by the LUBO Fund, the Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council, and the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations for the Georgia General Assembly. The council is a Partner Agency of the National Endowment of the Arts.

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This year’s event is generously hosted by the Goat Farm Arts Center, located at 1200 Foster St, Atlanta GA 30318.

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