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Hambidge Auction Archive - 2014


This year’s honorary chairs are April and Lance Ledbetter, founders of Dust-to-Digital. Named to the list of “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing the World” by Utne Reader, Mr. Ledbetter and his wife April make up the GRAMMY® Award winning team responsible for more than forty rare, essential and new albums, books and films. Don’t miss the Dust-to-Digital musical performances and listening lounge!

The Lucinda W. Bunnen Award: Hambidge is proud to honor its most important Artist, Trustee, Advocate and Patron by establishing an award in her name that will annually recognize outstanding leadership in the Arts and Sciences. Mrs. Bunnen’s legendary devotion to arts includes over 20 years of leadership at Hambidge.

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At the Private Preview Party, Host and VIP patrons were be among the first to enjoy a special selection of artful tastes provided by TRACE Atlanta (which opened at the W Atlanta – Midtown in June), enjoy craft cocktails during an exclusive preview tour with Michael Rooks, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the High Museum of Art, and first chance to buy works on paper.

Our 19th Annual Silent Art Auction took place from 7-10 at the Goat Farm Arts Center where guests wandered throughout the grounds – a former factory and historic site – to discover imaginative art, performances, installations, and experiences at every turn indoors and out.

Serious food by 4th & Swift, Across the Street, Anis Cafe & Bistro, Bad Dog Taqueria, Jerry Dilts & Associates, Seven Lamps, Sun in my Belly, and Zest Atlanta

Cyndae Arrendale  +  Liz Lapidus  +  Kirk Rich  +  Suzanne Shaw

Ben Goldman  +  Jenny Jensen Minkewicz  +  Jamie Badoud  +  Veronica Kessenich  +  April & Lance Ledbetter

Co-produced by the Goat Farm Arts Center. Led by Anthony Harper  +  Chris Melhouse  +  Mark DiNatale  +  Mercer West  +  Danny Davis

Special thanks to the Atlanta Film Festival and Mike's Fine Art Installation, LLC. 

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Donors of Paintings, Pottery, Photography, Sculpture, $50 Works on Paper & more
Corinne Adams + Steve Aishman + Alvaro Alvillar + Steven L. Anderson + Ashley Anderson + Anita Arliss + Steven Assael + Meg Aubrey + David Baerwalde + Michael Barringer + Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke + Clem Bedwell + Anne Beidler + Laura Bell + Paul Stephen Benjamin + Lloyd Benjamin + Jorie Berman + Rick Berman + Daniel Biddy + Ginger Birdsey + Mike Black + John Bohannon + Melinda Borysevicz + Eileen Braun + Jeff Brown + Lela Brunet + Derek Bruno + Lucinda Bunnen + Winthrop Byers + Kevin Byrd + Jessica Caldas + Brett Callero + Craig Cameron + Jeff Campana + William Cash + Jennifer Cawley + In Kyoung Chun + Jon Ciliberto + Krista Clark + Charles Clary + Simone Clunie + Hope Cohn + Bethany Collins + Drew Conrad + Don Cooper + Taylor Cox + Jules Cozine + Ellis Crean + Jaynie Crimmins + Jerry Cullum + Glenn Dair + Elyse Defoor + Helen DeRamus + Rebecca Des Marais + Terri Dilling + Erin Dixon + Stephanie Dowda + Nakita Duncan + Didi Dunphy + Helen Durant + Sarah Emerson + Melissa Faduski + Hailey Fennell + Margaret Fletcher + John Paul Floyd + Doug Foltz + Gail Foster + Meta Gary + Rich Gere + Mike Germon + Sarah Gillespie + Alex Gingrow + Jean Glenn + Ben Goldman + Emily Gomez + Krista Grecco + Nancy Green + Kojo Griffin + Matt Haffner + Linda Hall + Adam T. Hall + Alison Hamil + Devin Hamilton + Tom Haney + Joey Hannaford + Rebecca Hanna + Ryan Hartley + Grady Haugerud + Jenny Henley + Hollis Hildebrand-Mills + Susan Hillyard + Brian Hitselberger + Sarah Hobbs + Janis Wilson Hughes + Tim Hunter + Delanie Jenkins + Benjamin Jones + Michael Jones + Susan Ker-Seymer + Grace Kim + Joyce King + Michael Klapthor + Cynthia Knapp + Jason Kofke + Kathryn Kolb + Judy Lampert + Tracey Lane + Jack Lawing + Mark Leibert + Harriet Leibowitz + Chris Lewis + Carl Linstrum + George Long + Trek Matthews + Amy Mazzetta + Chris McClure + Casey McGuire + Peter McIntosh + Catherine Miles + Jessica Miller + Donna Mintz + Katherine Mitchell + Linda Mitchell + Jiha Moon + Julia Morrisroe + Megan Mosholder + Laura Mosquera + Katie Ridley Murphy + Todd Murphy + Michael Murrell + Eleanor Neal + Chris Neuenschwander + Dorothy O'Connor + Chester Old + Masud Olufani + Mary O'Malley + Adrienne Outlaw + Erin Palovick + Margaret Patterson + Fahamu Pecou + Joe Peragine + Iman Person + Jo Peterson + Allen Peterson + Lauren Peterson + Amy Pleasant + Junco Pollack + Lynn Pollard + Greg Pond + Justin Rabideau + Anne Rafferty + Wret Rausaw + Teresa Bramlette Reeves + Seana Reilly + Barbara Rehg + Brenda Rehrig + Barry Rhodes + Adrina Richards + Susan Robert + John Roberts + David Robinson + Donald Robson + Paul Rodecker + Pam Rogers + Stacie Rose + Art Rosenbaum + Margo Rosenbaum + Richard Russell + Debrah Santini + Mark Schoon + Michele Schuff + Jessica Scott-Felder + Suzi Selman + Robert Sherer + Signature Contemporary Craft + Steve Silber + Mimi Hart Silver + DeWitt Smith + Preston Snyder + Ellie Spresser + Whitney Stansell + Micah Stansell + Mike Stansy + Nikki Starz + Marcy Starz + Terry Stephens + Douglas Stratton + Suzanne Stryk + Matthew Sugarman + Marilyn Suriani + David Swan + Tom Swanston + Katherine Taylor + Tommy Taylor + Dayna Thacker + Mary Thomas + Penny Treese + Julianne Trew + Joe Tsambiras + Lisa Tuttle + Marcia Vaitsman + Liz Webb + Jonathan Welsh + Christian Bradley West + Michael West + Martha Whittington + Pandra Williams + Benjamin Wills + Judith Winograd + Jennifer Yorke

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Art Rosenbaum
Art Rosenbaum has been collecting, writing on, and performing traditional American folk music for nearly 60 years. His Dust-to-Digital boxed set, "Art of Field Recording, Vol. I" received a Grammy for Best Historical Recording. Art plays banjo, fiddle, and guitar, and sings mountain music, ballads, blues, and more. He has written three books on the Georgia folk music he has collected, as well as three instructional books/recordings on traditional banjo playing. 

Around the Globe Sea Chantey Singers
For the last several years Art Rosenbaum has worked with younger singers in the Around the Globe Sea Chantey Singers who have sung chanteys, the fine work songs from the great age of sail, mostly at the Globe pub in Athens; but occasionally at venues like the Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, and at the Charleston SC Maritime Festival. Most of the singing is a cappella, and the group sings several Southern chanteys of the cotton-shipping ports which blend African American and Yankee/British traditions. 

Dust-to-Digital House Band
The Dust-to-Digital House Band will be presenting their unique blend of roots based fusion on a variety of instruments such as melodica, banjitar, vibraphone and cello. Joining Mick and Evan Kinney will be the legendary jazzman Dub Hudson on sax, clarinet, and flute.

Georgia traditional artists known for their early 20th century stringband recreations as well as original projects, Mick and Evan Kinney have performed and studied with legacy artists such as 1920s Columbia sessions musician Stranger Malone, and Atlanta bluesman Frank Edwards. Still going strong in his eighties with a traditional jazz band, The Peachtree Strutters, clarinetist Dub Hudson has also played sax and flute with a virtual Who's Who of R&B and Jazz including Sam Cooke and Lena Horne. 

Lonnie Holley
Since 1979, Lonnie Holley has devoted his life to the practice of improvisational creativity. His art and music, born out of struggle, hardship, but perhaps more importantly, out of furious curiosity and biological necessity, has manifested itself in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and sound. His music and lyrics are improvised on the spot and morph and evolve with every event, concert, and recording. 

Jake Fussell
Jake Fussell grew up in Columbus, Georgia, and was exposed to traditional roots music while accompanying his father, folklorist and writer Fred Fussell, on numerous documentary fieldwork trips throughout the South. Through these journeys, Jake became a guitar student of the late Georgia blueswoman, Precious Bryant, and honed his skills playing with local string bands.

Jake currently serves as bandleader of The Yalobushwackers, the house band for Thacker Mountain Radio, Oxford, Mississippi’s weekly live-audience literary radio program. In recent years, he has appeared on Prairie Home Companion, toured, and recorded as sideman for several musical acts, most notably as guitarist for Memphis gospel singer Reverend John Wilkins.


PLUS Special Guests and DJs


Kevin Byrd
I'll Fly Away
Floating abstract light sculpture. Linear fluorescent light fixtures suspended in a roofless warehouse.

Rachel Garceau
Rachel Garceau is a ceramicist and sculptor.  Her piece is a walkway of ceramic black and white bricks that spell out words in Morse code.

Bojana Ginn
Bio-Mathic, Video
1729, Mixed media sculpture
Bojana Ginns' work utilizes and explores the concepts of evolutionary biology and biomathematics, from the mechanisms of self-replication to the surprising discoveries of mathematical logic inside biological systems. Her installation has two videos that will be projected onto two sculptural pieces. The videos will cover the sculptures, flowing around them and onto the walls behind, creating unexpected distortions and shadows.

Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller’s “Wigwams” are molded forms with lights that represent dwellings. She amasses wax, fabric and plaster to create habitats and employ artifacts of women’s work to emphasize the theme of feminine endeavors. The ideas of static vs. evolving domesticity and antique femininity through a contemporary lens, are ones she fabricates by using these materials, inviting the viewer to taste the textures of history created by compounding heirloom feminine creations.


Megan Mosholder + Pablo Gnecco
Megan Mosholder and Pablo Gnecco have collaborated on “Terminus,” is multi-media, site-specific installation referencing Atlanta’s history as rail hub for the Midwestern United States and also New York City’s subway system. The audience directly interacts with the piece, walking through “Terminus” to see the comparison of the two cities’ transportation past, present and future. The 20' long structure is full of repetitive designs created with light reactive strings, and the front facade shows a video created by Pablo.
Images: Previous work by Megan Mosholder (left) and Pablo Gnecco (right)

Erin Palovick
Arriving from Always
Erin Palovick is a multi-talented artist who creates drawings, paintings, videos and performances. Her video, “Arriving from Always,” is full of beautiful abstractions of light and motion, giving a sense of weight that is formless and unobtainable.

Wret Rausaw
The Doors of the Church are Open  
Wret Rausaw is an Atlanta-based mixed media artist whose work deals with elements of family and home. His installation, “The Doors of the Church are Open,” is a miniature church that examines the significance of southern black church rituals. Filled with sound and video, the structure has front doors that are slightly open to reveal part of the video that is projected on the interior back wall. Holes and cracks in the structure provide viewing areas.

Jessica Scott-Felder
Jessica Scott-Felder utilizes antique objects to transform spaces into psychological experiences suggestive of maternal figures and ancestral & social narratives. Through the use of historical narratives, her work embraces issues in identity, heritage, culture and society’s rapidly disintegrating connection to the past. In “Place/Setting” Jessica uses recycled living room chandeliers to reference the ancestors’ navigation through constellations.

Tommy Taylor
Tommy Taylor is an Atlanta-based painter and filmmaker, represented by Whitespace gallery. His video is called, “Shadowland,” was conceived, shot and edited by Tommy while in residence as a Distinguished Fellow at the Hambidge Art Center in October, 2013. Moody and mysterious, the film explores irrational fears, the unconscious, and the split psyche.

Ben Wills
Paper Airplanes
Ben Wills has been corresponding with inmates serving life sentences. “Paper Airplanes” is an installation of paper airplanes constructed by the inmates. Each airplane represents the inmate who created it. The project is a way of giving them access back into society.

PLUS performances by RaRe FoRm DJ, Vocal Improv Flash Mob, and SAïAH!

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  Lyn & Rick Asbill + Alecia Adair-Foltz & Doug Foltz + Michael Bishop & Shane Thomas + Lucinda Bunnen + Sherry & Jeff Cohen + Margaret & Dallas Denny + Mot Dinos + Jesica Matthews Eames & Brian Eames + Martha Eskew & Chet Tisdale + Maggie Hagedorn Fitzgerald & Brian Fitzgerald + Jennifer & Bowman Garrett + Melissa Bunnen Jernigan & James Jernigan + Collin & Tom Lines - IMAGERS + Marchant & Ron Martin + Donna & Jeff Mintz + Kirk Rich & Todd Higginbotham + Paula Francis Rogers & Russ Rogers + Mary & Mark Sage + Joe Staley & Stuart Clayton + Claire Sterk & Kirk Elifson + Mary Callan Thomas & Sam Thomas + Urban Body Fitness, Studios, Salon & Spa + Wilmington Trust + Woodie & Steve Wisebram

BUCK-EYE HOSTS   Dr. Ann U. Abrams & Herbert Cohen + Turner Ball & Alan Richmond + Donna & Andy Cash + Lavona Currie + Audra Dial & Matthew Ford + Michelle Edwards & David Crosland + Cindi Fetch & Preston Snyder + Dr. Rutledge Forney - Dermatology Affiliates + Judy & Ed Garland + Nikki & Greer Gugliotta + Nancy & Gene Hooff + Ann & Tim Johnson + Susan Kingery + Liz Lapidus + Judy & Scott Lampert + Gordon Mansergh + Elizabeth & David Martin + Carr McCuiston - The Signature Shop + Michael McGaughey & Craig Kettles + Jo & Jim McLean + Selene & Don Morgan + Kayla & Rob Osborne + Malissa & William Peace + Jimmy & Adrian Pressley + Barbara Pyle + Karen & Clay Rolader + Jane Fickling Skinner & Dan Skinner + Mildred & John Spalding + Rosemary & Bill Stiefel + Ruth West & Bob Wells + Barb & Thom Williams + Dina Woodruff

MAY APPLE HOSTS  Kathleen Barksdale + Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke &  George Cooke + Jim Cox + Jeff Cleghorn & David Ruiz + Annette Cone-Skelton + Elly & Ed Dobbs + Diane Durgin + Sarah Gillespie + Paige & Bruce Harvey + Jane Haverty + Judy Higgins + Beth Jones + Alison Womack Jowers + Mo Kennedy + Marianne & Dick Lambert + Chris Lewis & John Johnson + Missi McMorries + Denise & Jay D. Mitchell + Katherine Mitchell & Jack Lawing + Debby & Mark Pirrung + Susan Reed + Jean Rich + Pat Robinson + Saundra Maass Robinson + Nancy Sanders & Mark Certo + Suzanne Shaw & Daniel Biddy + Anne Sterchi + Marsha Taylor + Anne Lambert Tracht + Deveraux Tutwiller + Libby & Joe Wilbanks + Victor Wilson

















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The Hambidge Center is funded in part by the LUBO Fund, the Fulton County Commission under
the guidance of the Fulton County Arts & Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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This year’s event is generously hosted by the Goat Farm Arts Center, located at 1200 Foster St, Atlanta GA 30318.

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