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Hambidge Auction Archive - 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015
at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta was an
at the 2015 Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala!

Read about the event below, and take a look at photos of the evening here, here, and here.

Over 150 superb works of art in the silent auction will delighted and tempted, while the city’s top restaurants and caterers provided an unrivaled taste experience. This year’s new performance aspect showcased the five finalists for an exciting public art initiative jointly launched by Hambidge and the Goat Farm. The FIELD EXPERIMENT called on artists, scientists, architects, performers, and visionaries from across the U.S. to take risks, dream big, and produce an imaginative and interactive performance or installation. Auction guests experienced the unveiling of the top five projects with the opportunity to vote for the 'Audience Favorite' award. The winning project, Jam-D-Jam by Mel Chin & Severn Eaton, was awarded the $20,000 Field Experiment commission to help realize their vision on a grand scale.

At the Private Preview Party, sponsors, hosts and VIP patrons enjoyed an artful selection of drinks and food by Avalon Catering, an exclusive preview tour with Michael Rooks, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the High Museum of Art, and first chance to buy $100 works on paper.

Auction attendees savored delicious food and drink provided by Avalon Catering, Anis Cafe & Bistro, Bad Dog Taqueria, Better Half, Dennis Dean Catering, Jerry Dilts & Associates, Muss & Turner's, Seven Lamps, Springer Mountain Farms and Zest Atlanta.

Martha Eskew  +  Michael Bishop

Kathy Williams  +  Woodie Wisebram

Ben Goldman  +  Teresa Bramlette Reeves  +  Jamie Badoud

Co-produced by the Goat Farm Arts Center.  Led by Anthony Harper + Chris Melhouse + Mark DiNatale + Mercer West + Tian Justman + Danny Davis + Sean Haley


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Donors of Paintings, Pottery, Photography, Sculpture, $50 Works on Paper & more
Sean Abrahams + Corinne Adams + Alvaro Alvillar + Ashley Anderson + Steven Anderson + Anita Arliss + Caroline Annandale + Haylee Anne + Linda Armstrong + Maria Artemis + Aaron Artrip + Steven Assael + Meg Aubrey + David Baerwalde  + Temme Barkin-Leeds + Rose M. Barron + Alisa Barry + Melissa Basham + Laura Bell + Ryan Benefield + Rick Berman + Lauren Betty + Daniel Biddy + Mike Black + John Bohannon + Teresa Bramlette Reeves + Eileen Braun + Lela Brunet + Holly Bryan + William Buchanan + Lucinda Bunnen + Kent Anderson Butler + Kevin Byrd + Jessica Caldas + Craig Cameron + Jeff Campana + Chris Carder + Philip Carpenter + William Cash + Julio Ceballos + Chris Chambers + Elizabeth Chiles + Namwon Choi + InKyoung Chun + Sebastian Collett + Christopher Condon + Jules Cozine + Jennifer Cawley + Eillis Crean + Jaynie Crimmins + Maggie Davis + Elyse Defoor + Henry Detweiler + Terri Dilling + Erin Dixon + Stephanie Dowda + Didi Dunphy + Chris Dziejowski + Natalie Escobar + Doug Foltz + Gail Foster + Laura Foster + Molly Rose Freeman + Angus Galloway + Rachel K. Garceau + Courtney Garrett + Jane Garver + Rich Gere + Mike Germon + Ben Goldman + Monica Goldsmith + Abby Goldstein + Emily Gomez + Heather Greenway + Kojo Griffin + Erika Guillory + Matt Haffner + Linda Hall + Alison Hamil + Tom Haney + Dana Haugaard + Grady Haugerud + Liz Heller + Lori Hepner + Melissa Herrington + Margaret Hiden + Susan Hillyard + Sara Hornbacher + Tim Hunter + Benjamin Jones + Raymond McCrea Jones + Cecelia Kane + Marcus Kenney + Susan Ker-Seymer + Jason Kofke + Meredith Kooi + Suzy Kopf + Igor Korsunskiy + Judy Lampert + Tracey Lane + Amber Langford + Jack Lawing + Chris Lewis + Vivian Liddell + Elizabeth Lide + Arturo Lindsay + Carl Linstrum + Lin Lisberger + George Long + Christine Lu + Allison Luce + Nick Madden + Romy Aura Maloon + Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier + Faith McClure + Casey McGuire + Jordan McLeish + Forest McMullin + Corrina Sephora Mensoff + Donna Mintz + Linda Mitchell + Katherine Mitchell + Julio Montero + Jiha Moon + Megan Mosholder + Chris Mosley + Pam Moxley + Katie Ridley Murphy + Chris Neuenschwander + Yanique Norman + James O'Donnell + W. Chester Old + Adrienne Outlaw + Erin Palovick + Esteban Patino + Claire Paul + Allen Peterson + Lauren Peterson + Kris Pilcher + Sara Pope + Justin Rabideau + Brenda Rehrig + Seana Reilly + William Renkl + Leisa Rich + Chrys Riviere-Blalock + David Robinson + Donald Robson + Paul Rodecker + Stacie Rose + Cassidy Russell + Nancy Sanders + Ron Saunders + Sarah Schindel + Mark Schoon + Jessica Scott-Felder + Mary Segal + Robert Sherer + Sarah Shipman + Matt Sigmon + Mimi Hart Silver + Deanna Sirlin + Spencer Sloan + Sid Smith + Stephanie Smith + Alli Royce Sobel + Terry Stephens + Ann Stewart + Douglas Stratton + Jeff Surace + Tom Swanston + Katherine Taylor + Tommy Taylor + Kristie Tepper + Dayna Thacker + Anna Timmerman + Tori Tinsley + Penny Treese + Julianne Trew + Meryl Truett + Joe Tsambiras + Gregor Turk + Michael Turner + Lisa M. Tuttle + Laura Vela + Liz Webb + Johnathan Welsh + Christian B. West + Matthew White + Sara White + Cori Williams + Ife Williams + Vanessa Williams + Andy Moon Wilson + Judy Winograd + Clay Woodruff + Jennifer Yorke + & more!

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FIELD EXPERIMENT is a new major initiative by The Goat Farm and The Hambidge Center to fund an ambitious public action project in Atlanta. One project will be awarded the $20,000 Field Experiment commission to help realize their vision on a grand scale on the streets of Atlanta this fall.

Our five finalists were selected from 130 applications received from 44 cities, 21 states, and 5 countries including Germany, Canada, Spain, US and the UK. The proposals included experimentations in the natural sciences & applied sciences, new media, movement, sound based work, transportation, architecture & design computation, music composition, participatory interventions, 2D & 3D visual art, large scale puppetry & materials engineering. We are grateful and encouraged by the answer to our call and urge those applicants to continue their pursuit to uncover truths and ignite new thinking.

Jamie Badoud + Anthony Harper + Teresa Bramlette Reeves + Ben Goldman + Mark DiNatale

For further information about FIELD EXPERIMENT, visit www.fieldexperimentatl.com, and check out each finalist's proposal below.



Site-specific architectural enhancements to mundane buildings and spaces in Atlanta. Buildings are planned and built to be anywhere. Therein, important factors of history, locality and place are in danger of being lost. This project offers an opportunity to reexamine the history & current identity of our city through the faces of its buildings using custom mass-produced parts that are adjusted passively by the environment – the place. Collins will be working with GA Tech University’s School of Architecture, the Digital Fabrication Lab and a cross-disciplinary team of students. Envelope will take something ordinary, everyday and passed-by and, with thoughtfulness and experimentation, turn it into something unexpected, useful and beautiful.

Artist Bio 
Jeffrey Collins is a Registered Architect from Atlanta, Georgia. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees from The Ohio State University and is currently a PhD student in Architecture with concentration in Design Computation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Jeff worked as a designer in the office of Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects from 2002 to 2009, working in various phases of design from concept through construction and in roles from model builder to senior project manager. This semester, he is teaching second year architectural design studio at Kennesaw State University and has previously taught architecture courses at Auburn University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Southern Polytechnic State University.



A response to a contemporary dilemma shared by all Atlantans, rush hour congestion throughout the city. This radio based interactive entertainment intervention will invite participants to use these moments to contribute to an ever-changing soundscape. Calling in from their vehicles, their unscripted words or noises of frustration, boredom, aggression or anxiety will be transformed into musical invention & looped back to the traffic, the public, the performers. EMC’s will be working with a diverse set of Atlanta music makers and producers to collaborate in sampling these unpredictable recordings.

Artists Bios
Mel Chin was born in Houston, Texas and began making art at an early age. He is known for the broad range of approaches in his art, including works that require multi-disciplinary, collaborative teamwork and works that conjoin cross-cultural aesthetics with complex ideas. He developed Revival Field (1989-ongoing), a project that pioneered the field of “green remediation,” the use of plants to remove toxic, heavy metals from the soil. A current project, Fundred Dollar Bill/Operation Paydirt, focuses on national prevention of childhood lead-poisoning. Mel is also well known for his iconic sculptures, works that often address the importance of memory and collective identity, and for inserting art into unlikely places, including destroyed homes, toxic landfills, and even popular television, investigating how art can provoke greater social awareness and responsibility. His work is exhibited extensively in the U.S. and abroad and was documented in the popular PBS program, Art 21: Art of the 21st Century. Mel is the recipient of numerous national and international awards, including four honorary doctorates. A monograph of the installation, The Funk & Wag from A to Z, was published by the Menil Collection and distributed by Yale Unversity Press in 2014. His traveling retrospective, REMATCH, organized by the New Orleans Museum of Art, features forty years of his effort is currently on view at four museum venues in Houston, Texas. His latest installation, SEA to SEE features cinematic portraits of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, derived from animated oceanographic data projected “flowing” through two opposing massive glass hemispherical screens.

Severn Eaton has taken his life and work in a number of different directions, but art has always provided a solid framework for his thoughts and ideas. Whether through sculpture, painting, an outdoor sound environment or construction, his work is a means of exploring and questioning the world around us. A North Carolina native and graduate of ASU and UNC-Chapel Hill, Eaton approaches each idea and project as its own entity with its own set of challenges, both technically and conceptually, and strives to strike a balance within any set of circumstances. He questions the motives of the human race and its long-term endeavors. His daily thoughts and actions are colored by such an outlook, and occasionally he comes across a common object, structure or event that speaks powerfully and directly of the comic tragedy of human progress. These striking metaphors he encounters have become the basis for the majority of his work. He is most known for his interactive art installations, some of which have been featured at Black Mountain College Museum’s {Re}Happening, Moogfest, and Push Gallery in Asheville, NC.


MICAH & WHITNEY STANSELL - Inversion (with land)

A multi-story, multi-location projection project that grows in scale, run-time and complexity, this project invites people to explore the communities and histories of different areas of the city. The content for each story will be mined from the location where it is to be projected. The stories will be simple, open & experimental. Filmed from a unique aerial perspective moving from the city scale to the human scale using a heavy-lift remote drone that Stansell’s team built from the ground up. The project will culminate in a fourth location that wraps the built environment in narrative. All four stories will weave together, producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This project, introspective & anthropological in nature, will provide an inverted view of Atlanta’s sprawl, moving from broad to narrow, focusing in on the human elements of the city. The aleatory form of storytelling will guide Stansell’s team towards collaborations with participating poets & musicians depending on the content captured.

Artists Bios
Frequent collaborators, Micah and Whitney Stansell’s body of work ranges from fibers, sculpture, painting and drawing, to single and multi-channel film and video works, and installations. The work often explores ideas of family history, narrative traditions, and binary relationships that pull from contemporary issues that are influenced and informed by environment and location. The Stansells’ work has been reviewed in numerous publications including Art in America, Moviemaker Magazine, FiberARTS Magazine, and the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Exhibiting in galleries, museums, contemporary art centers, and film festivals; the Stansell’s work has been experienced in cities around the world including Beijing, Vienna, New York, and Atlanta. Their work can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art for Georgia, Cornell University, and SCAD-Atlanta and Hong Kong.

MARK WENTZEL - Flow Field(s)

A large-scale application of a grid pattern and vector fields, this installation will use a pattern of laminar flow to consider the human experience of moving through time and space. Scientific discovery is increasingly pointing toward an understanding of both time and space as fluid; altered by things such as memory, mass, consciousness, and distance. As technology persistently invades our time and redefines our space we may begin to feel an increasing insecurity about our connection to ourselves and the natural world. Flow Fields creates a massive Cartesian landscape within Freedom Park with the simple concept of direction as a tool for self-contextualizing and psychological mooring. Flow Field(s) emerged through ongoing collaborations between Wentzel and Dr. Joel Kimmons, a scientist at the CDC. Their current focus is in the area of behavioral design, work that has a continuous effect on the direction of this project.

Artist Bio
Mark Wentzel is a multi-media visual artist living in Atlanta, Georgia since 2008 and a native of Detroit, Michigan. His work has been exhibited in Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C., Michigan and Indiana and represents a diverse set of topics from Modern iconography, human ideology and consciousness, perception and individual motivation. He was included in the 2008 SCOPE NY exhibition, has work in the South Bend Regional Museum permanent collection, and has received international attention for his work XLounge, an artistic modification of a set of Eames Lounge chairs. In 2009 Mark presented a solo exhibition at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center entitled Morale Hazard, a comment on the crisis in the US auto industry, in which he suspended a 1965 Ford Mustang from the ceiling. He did a follow-up exhibition in 2010 at the CDC’s David J. Sencer Museum entitled Consequential Matters considering obesity and contemporary aesthetics. Since 2011, Mark has been working on several large scale projects including a collaboration with Dr. Joel Kimmons, a CDC scientist, in a partnership entitled INq which develops creative concepts and real-world products from an art/science perspective.



The Dream Collection Agency (DCA) is a corporate entity designed to collect, document, and recycle dreams. The Agency solicits public dream donations via an online Dream Depository and an in-store collection laboratory. Dream donations are cataloged and recreated in three dimensional digital environments using cutting edge 21st century Oculus Rift VR technology. Visitors to the storefront collection laboratory are invited to experience these documented dreams in a safe and secure virtual reality environment under the watchful eye of professionally trained Dream Technicians. “As virtual reality and other technologies become more widespread in the near future, we would like to begin discussing the implications of existing in both a physical & digital reality and at which point will we allow our hopes, dreams, and ambitions to become nothing more than a computer simulation. We would like to find out if this digital experience & corporatization cheapens or enhances our naturally occurring mental visions.” – DCA

Artists Bios
Kris Pilcher is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in street art and theatrical design. Kris’s work has been exhibited in streets, alleyways, and galleries throughout Atlanta and beyond. Kris is a Hambidge Fellow and recent resident with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance as part of the Artists for Wilderness series. Currently he is working with Out of Hand Theatre company to create “Resurgens”, a community focused performance and installation in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.

Kevin Byrd is an artist by way of design. Born in Charleston SC, he received his Bachelors of Architecture from Southern Polytechnic University. Kevin’s work has been exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, MINT, Swan Coach Gallery, Hambidge’s Annual Auction, and Elevate in Downtown Atlanta, organized by The Goat Farm. He is a Dashboard Co-Op artist and Hambidge Fellow. Most recently, Kevin created Lightworks, an intervention with “Mi Casa, Su Casa” at the HIGH Museum in Atlanta.

Dale Adams is a polymathic autodidact specializing in sonic and visual architecture for the past 30 years. He has been manipulating and sculpting sound while augmenting visual and spacial perceptions by creating interactive storytelling experiences utilizing the latest in hardware technology and frameworks, he provides style and knowledge in a skill set wider than Phi.


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GOLD PATRONS    Susan & Ron Antinori + Lucinda Bunnen + Nikki Gugliotta

SILVER HOSTS    Alecia Adair-Foltz & Doug Foltz + Turner Ball + Michael Bishop & Shane Thomas + Ginny & Charles Brewer + Stuart Clayton & Joe Staley + Sherry & Jeff Cohen + Margaret & Dallas Denny + Martha Eskew & Chet Tisdale + Nena Griffith + Melissa Bunnen Jernigan & James Jernigan + Judy & Scott Lampert + Collin & Tom Lines + Marchant & Ron Martin + Sheryl & Stuart Meddin + Donna & Jeff Mintz + Belinda & Ken Reusch + Kirk Rich & Todd Higginbotham + Paula & Russ Rogers + Mary Callan Thomas & Sam Thomas + Ruth West & Bob Wells + Woodie & Steve Wisebram + Kathy & David Williams

BRONZE HOSTS    Cyndae Arrendale + Lyn & Rick Asbill + Susan & David Aspinwall + Barbara Pyle Foundation + Lori & Keith Broyles + Debra & Kevin Buster + Donna & Andy Cash + Catherine & Byron Cocke + Annette Cone-Skelton & Robert Hipps + Louis Corrigan + Tanya Counter + Audra Dial & Matthew Ford + Jesica & Brian Eames + Anne & Martin Emanuel + Cindi Fetch & Preston Snyder + Susan & Max Ker-Seymer + Judy & Ed Garland + Jennifer & Bowman Garrett + Joy Gordman + Gregg & Laura Heard + Nancy & Gene Hooff + Renee & Tom Houle + Ann & Tim Johnson + Nicole & John Jordan + Marilyn & Curtis Kimball + Marianne Lambert + Liz Lapidus + Jonathan Leepson & Janet Lefkowitz + Chris Lewis & John Johnson + Elizabeth & David Martin + Jo & Jim McLean + Selene & Don Morgan + Vicky Nixon + Kayla & Rob Osborne + Lynn Pollard + Karen & Clay Rolader + Jennifer & Jeff Seavey + Jane Fickling Skinner & Dan Skinner + Claire Sterk & Kirk Elifson + Brenda Stockdale & Michael Milton + Dot Stoller + Marsha Taylor + Trish & Scott Thompson + Anne Tracht + Barb & Thom Williams

INDIVIDUAL HOSTS    Irene Aronin + Katherine Bass + Meredith Bell + Elizabeth Climo + Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke & George Cooke + Sarah Gillespie + Beth Jones + Alison Womack Jowers + Mo Kennedy + Susan Kingery + Mitchell Klink + Patricia Leake + Blair Mann + Eve Mannes + Gordon Mansergh + Melissa McMorries + Katherine Mitchell & Jack Lawing + Susan Reed + Nancy Sanders & Mark Certo + Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel + Anne Sterchi + Debby Stockton + Leigh Hale Welch + Kelly & David Williams, Jr.




























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Funding for the Hambidge Center is provided in part by the LUBO Fund, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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This year’s event is generously hosted by the Goat Farm Arts Center, located at 1200 Foster St, Atlanta GA 30318.

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