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Hambidge Auction Archive - 2016

Co-presented by the
Goat Farm Arts Center, the spectacular Hambidge 2016 Art Auction & Field Experiment Gala took place on Saturday, April 23. Stimulating the senses, triggering new thoughts and offering moments of contemplation, the event yielded a tangled rhythm of inspiring experiences.

Honorary Chair Kevin Rathbun created a culinary spectacle of sights, smells and tastes.

New this year, 12 distinguished curators selected artworks from a new breed of emerging and established artists from across the country.

presented their captivating concepts. The Goat Farm and Hambidge jointly created this initiative to develop transformative ideas through a widely observable public action. Selected from 77 submissions from scientists, artists, performers and visionaries across the world, the winner was awarded the $20,000 commission to realize their grand-scale vision in the streets of Atlanta in the autumn of 2016.

Take a look at the video created by Harry Hayes at Content Puppy:

Photos of the event courtesy of Forest McMullin and Karen Pagano


  All bidding was done on mobile devices through Paddle8, the online auction house.

Seriously delicious food and drink provided by Anis Cafe & Bistro, Avalon Catering, Dennis Dean, Jerry Dilts & Associates, Rathbun’s, Seven Lamps, Sun in My Belly, Tavernpointe, and Zest Atlanta.

Cash bar: Craft cocktails, Orpheus beers, and libation

All proceeds go toward Hambidge residencies for today’s brightest talents at our 600-acre creative sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and to the Field Experiment project.

Laura Heard + Dot Stoller

Holli Cortelyou + Alison Womack Jowers + Lilly Reid + Helen Ballard

Jamie Badoud + Joe Staley + Dayna Thacker + Ben Goldman + Christine Jason

Co-produced by the Goat Farm Arts Center.  Led by Anthony Harper + Chris Melhouse + Mark DiNatale + Mercer West + Tian Justman + Danny Davis + Sean Haley

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Donors of Paintings, Pottery, Photography, Sculpture, $100 Works on Paper & more
< Guest curators in red >

<Lucinda W. Bunnen // Jim Alexander + Dennis Darling + John Dean + Andrew Feiler + Sarah Hobbs + Kathryn Kolb + Judy Lampert + Michael Murrell + Rocío Rodríguez + Jerry Siegel> <Bethany Collins // Davion Alston + Merrilee Challis + Krista Clark + Angela Drakeford + Sonya Yong James + Amy Pleasant + Michael Reese + Dianna Settles> <Craig Drennen // Nick Bable + Callie Cargo + Amelia Carley + Marissa Graziano + Nuni Lee + Lacey Longino + Abbie Merrit + Erin Palovick + Aaron Putt + Horace Gerald Williams Jr.> <Mark DiNatale // David Baerwalde + Luca Barolli + In Kyoung Chun + Igor Korsunskiy + Kris Pilcher> <Julia A. Fenton // Lisa Alembik + Paul Benjamin + Rebecca Des Marais + Tina Dunkley + Sarah Emerson + Angus Galloway + Angela Nichols + Ann Stewart + Judy Winograd + Susie Winton> <Alex Gingrow // Jenn Dierdorf + Jessie Henson + Aliene DeSouza Howell + Alison Jardine + David X. Levine + Laura Mosquera + Kevin Palme + Michael Scoggins + Amanda Tiller> <Ben Goldman // Lela Brunet + Jaynie Crimmins + Terri Dilling + Christine Lu + Megan Mosholder + Rainey Rawles + Robert Sherer + Katherine Taylor + Lisa Tuttle + Liz Webb> <Carr McCuiston // Kelcy Chase Folsom + Thaddeus Erdhal + Taehoon Kim + Chester Old + Kyungmin Park + Leisa Rich + Michael Schwegmann + Sunkoo Yuh> <Joey Orr // Curtis Ames + Judy Barber + Laura Bell + Jill Frank + Hope Hilton + Aubrey Longley-Cook + Jiha Moon + Dos Pestaneos + Andrew Ross + Ann Rowles + Ben Venom + Ion Yamazaki> <Adrienne Outlaw // Dane Carder + Sage Dawson + Natalie Dunham + Mike Calway Fagen + Jana Harper + Greg Pond + Ryder Richards + Vadis Turner + Scott Zieher> <Fahamu Pecou // Jermaine Clark + Eben Dunn + Sanithna Phansavanh + Alex Scott + Antoine Williams> <Dayna Thacker // Elizabeth Chiles + Jeffrey Dell + Rich Gere + Jason Kofke + Joe Pena + Seana Reilly + Stacie Rose + Richard Russell + Cassie White> <Hambidge Fellows & Friends // Steven L. Anderson + Meg Aubrey + Peter Bahouth + Stephen Berens + Daniel Biddy + Elizabeth Bryant + Lucinda W. Bunnen + William Carpenter + Andrew Catanese + Clair M. Catillaz + Catherine Clements + Maggie Davis + Joseph Dreher + Craig Drennen + Chris Dziejowski + Kerry Escabedo + Natalie Escobar + Shannon Felsot + Julia A. Fenton + Margaret Fletcher + Nancy Floyd + Doug Foltz + Molly Rose Freeman + Courtney Garret + Jennifer Garza-Cuen + Alex Gingrow + Ben Goldman + Virginia Griswold + Belinda Haikes + Jenny Henley + Margaret Hiden + Lonnie Holley + George Horton + Jessica Ingram + Marina Kassianidou + Marcus Kenney + Susan Ker-Seymer + Lisa Klakulak + Elizabeth Kleene + Tracey Lane + Macrina Ley + Arturo Lindsay + Kylie Lockwood + George Long + Nancy Marshall + Forest McMullin + Donna Mintz + Alice Momm + Tim Mosby + Isabela Muci + Todd Murphy + Chris Neuenschwander + Soe Yu Nwe + Meredith Ochoa + Masud Olufani + Adrienne Outlaw + Esteban Patino + Fahamu Pecou + Michael Peterson + Justin Rabideau + Don Robson + Corrina Sephora + Mark Schoon + Spencer Sloan + Susan Lynn Smith + Whitney Stansell + Dinah Stonis + Douglas Stratton + Jordan Stubbs + Dayna Thacker + Zipporah Thompson + Charles Timm-Ballard + Zuzka Vaclavik + Christian Bradley West + Matthew White + Martha Whittington + Pandra Williams + Catherine Wilmer + Alice Pixley Young>


David Baerwalde
Stacked, multi-tiered wall of vintage steel filing cabinets which were repurposed after being found abandoned on the Goat Farm property. Selected drawers are open and grow flowering perennials. Baerwalde is based in Atlanta and works in multiple mediums. His work is included in many prominent collections, including recent acquisitions by the High Museum and the Woodruff Arts Center.

Monika Gross
Shakespeare Sonnets
Celebrating the Birthdays of Dead Writers: An intimate street theater performance honoring the afterlife of the written word.

Monika Gross is a playwright, director and performer, and artistic director of At-A-Site Theater in Asheville, NC.

Julian Hinshaw
Piano performance

Okorie Johnson
Also known as OkCello, Okorie Johnson, uses high quality amplification, looping technology, and sound processing to create songs that emerge from the collision of jazz and classical approaches, but also travel across genre to include edm, reggae, and funk. His music is narrative and emotive and his set attempts to gather songs together like short stories that complement each other in spite of their individual and singular expression.

Okorie Johnson is an Atlanta based cellist and composer, who has performed and/or recorded with India.Arie, De La soul, Anthony David, Doria Roberts, Callaghan, Paul Mercer and Leah Morgan amongst others.  2015 saw the debut of Okorie’s first solo-cello concert-series, Epi.phony, a multi-city, 12-show development of the relationship between solo-cello, live-sound-looping, and improvisation.

Meredith Kooi
(RIP) Van Winkle’s Hillside on Air
Meredith Kooi will be set up in a studio-cum-radio-station for the duration of the evening transmitting sounds through 30 radios scattered across the Goat Farm hillside. The main layer of sounds transmitted will consist of field recordings of the Goat Farm’s land- and soundscape.

Jimmy Lo + Zac Denton
Free Poems on Demand is a subversive literary performance. We write poems on the spot for anybody who asks for one, on any topic of their choosing.

Jimmy Lo is a poet in Atlanta. Zac Denton is a Georgia writer and musician who has been writing with Free Poems on Demand since 2010.

Justin Rabideau + Megan Mosholder

Sailors Valentine is a collaborative sculpture by Megan Mosholder and Justin Rabideau combining aesthetics of the antique sailors shell-craft souvenirs of the mid-late 1800's with concepts of navigational guy-lines. Created from salvaged 2x4s, rope, florescent paint and UV lights, Sailors Valentine seeks to heighten perceptions of space, place, and location as the installation shifts from day to night, natural to ethereal.

Justin Rabideau attended The State University of New York at Plattsburgh, where he received a BFA in Sculpture and Printmaking. From 2003-2006 Justin attended The University of Georgia, receiving a MFA with a concentration in Sculpture. In 2011 Justin relocated to Atlanta and is currently the Director of the Zuckerman Museum of Art at Kennesaw State University. Justin has been an exhibiting artist with Dashboard Co-op and an Artist in Studio Resident with The Creatives Project. Recent projects include site-specific installations for Ground Floor, Sumptuary, the Decatur Book Festival, and an interdisciplinary collaboration with New Orleans Airlift and Georgia Institute of Technology. Justin has exhibited widely throughout Atlanta while also participating in exhibitions in Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, Chicago and New York.

Megan Mosholder is a conceptual artist who operates in the real-world setting of the social-political landscape through site-responsive, sculptural installations. She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and has received numerous awards from institutions such as the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences. A variety of publications have featured Megan's work including Beautiful/Decay, Hi-Fructose and Huffington Post and her diverse exhibition history includes participation in No Longer Empty’s Through the Parlor (2013) in Manhattan and an installation in Sirmione, Italy (2014), a body of work that speaks of the lasting impression a place of beauty can leave on an individual. Originally from Ohio, Megan is currently based in Atlanta, GA.

DJ Rasheed
Born and raised in the heart of Atlanta, Ryan Rasheed gravitated to the sounds of early electro, hip hop and Southern bass music as an 80's child obsessed with all things futuristic. Ryan would later go on to become the tour DJ for Warp Record's leftfield beatsmith Prefuse 73.
Ryan has relocated back to Atlanta after a ten year stint in NYC, where he maintained a very busy DJ schedule. He has played countless clubs throughout the world and shared the stage with a diverse mix of artists ranging from Bjork to Disclosure. He has also flourished outside of clubs, playing and curating private events for clients such as New York Magazine, Nike, Surface To Air and Chicago-based artist Nick Cave. For the past three years Ryan has also had the honor of DJ'ing the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C.

Nikki Starz
Sculptural furniture
Nikki Starz Studio has produced a variety of objects for clients ranging from museum artifact replicas to site specific art installations. A few of her clients include Anheuser Busch, Dolby Sound Systems, and the Georgia Aquarium.

Chaos and Serenity
Nick Ogawa (cello) & Brian Harper (violin) using multi-phrase loop/overdub pedals to record orchestral textures that intentionally slip between chaos and order. The heavy use of repetition and droning effects, including multi-layered feedback and non-traditional techniques such as percussive slapping and striking, delayed and distorted pizzicato, and overdubbed bowed harmonics create something that is at once familiar and foreign sounding, classical and modern.

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FIELD EXPERIMENT FINALISTS The Goat Farm Arts Center and The Hambidge Center are proud to announce the selection of 5 finalists for FIELD EXPERIMENT 2016. Selected from 77 applications received from 32 cities, 16 states, and 5 countries including Thailand, Chile, Norway, Canada & USA. The proposals included experimentation in the natural & applied sciences, new media, movement, sound based work, transportation, architecture & design computation, music composition, participatory interventions, culinary arts, advocacy, urban planning, 2D & 3D visual art & robotics. The 5 finalists will present their concepts at The Hambidge Auction on April 23, 2016 - in competition for a singular $20,000 commission on the streets of Atlanta.

Jamie Badoud + Teresa Bramlette Reeves + Madison Cario + Bethany Collins + Anthony Harper

For further information about FIELD EXPERIMENT, visit www.fieldexperimentatl.com, and check out each finalist's proposal below.

Martha Whittington & Rae Long // Contemplation - Resolution - Unity
A series of surround sound sculptures intended for deactivated smokestacks in metro Atlanta. Smoke from smokestacks used to paint the sky, signaling abundance, but this prosperity was conspicuously not shared with people from different racial, economic, and cultural origins. “Contemplation - Resolution - Unity” is presented as three concepts, each embodied in a smokestack. Musical treatises are composed for each environment, inviting Atlantans to find meaning and clarity through the immersive sounds animated from within.

Artists Bios
Martha Whittington is a sculptor based in Atlanta Georgia. Whittington received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and her MFA from Tyler School of Art. Whittington has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally with shows in Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul.

Rae Long is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, musician, songwriter and artist working in Norway. Rae is an isolationist and does not listen to or perform works by any composer/artist. She has held a life long self study and theory that everyone will generate similar music and sounds based on the musicality of the instruments presented to them.

Maya Gurantz // Ghosting Atlanta
A site-specific series of interactive public video and audio installations triangulating history, the body, and the landscape through song, dance, and visual spectacle. Operating as a massive multimedia séance to allow history to bleed though the architecture and haunt public space, the pieces that make up “Ghosting Atlanta” unsettle our assumptions about the streets and spaces we take for granted. The series invites Atlanta to experience the diverse histories that make the city what it is today.

Artist Bio
In video, performance, installation and site specific social practice, Maya Gurantz interrogates constructions of gender, race, class and progress in American communities, shared myths, public rituals and private desires. Maya's work has been shown by the MCA Denver, the Oakland Museum, High Desert Test Sites 2013, Autonomie Gallery, LAX><ART, and Movement Research at Judson Church, among others. She has been written about in Art21, The Atlantic, FastCompany, and Westword, among others. For over a decade, Maya has also created site-specific, community-researched projects in locations as diverse as rural Mississippi and Silicon Valley. In collaboration with Ellen Sebastian Chang, she completed her first public video commission, Hole in Space (Oakland Redux), which was recently recognized as the best public art installation in the Bay Area by the East Bay Express.

T. Lang, Jessica Anderson, Mikhail Jacobs, John Osburn, Hebru Brantley, Brian Magerko // Post
A merging of contemporary dance and emergent techniques in artificial intelligence interaction, “Post” yields a space where dancers can perform with AI-driven accompaniment in a responsive environment for performance. “Post” is being designed for a large geodesic dome installation that creates a shadow theater space for dance-reactive interaction. The project will host public activations, performances and community interactions with Atlantans.

Artists Bios

T. Lang creates, writes and teaches poetic expressions of dance, which illustrates deep, arousing investigations relevant to issues of identity, history and community. Through the vehicle of modern dance, her work communicates perspectives with depth and a movement style that captures the attention of the viewer with its evocative physicality, technical range and emotional viability. T. Lang is the Director of acclaimed contemporary ensemble T. Lang Dance and is a Professor of Dance at Spelman College.

Jessica Anderson grew up in Atlanta. She studies digital media and human-centered design at the Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating this spring with her second master's degree. On the other side of the classroom, Jessica spent five years as a university lecturer. She taught undergraduate courses on rhetoric and literature, and now thinks that everything is a rhetorical experience, especially design. Her first graduate degree is in English, and her focus was in Native American storytelling. She has traveled the midwestern powwow circuit, hitchhiked through southern France, and lived in an ashram. She hopes life stays weird.

Mikhail Jacob is a Ph.D. student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his B.E. in Computer Science Engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology in 2011, and his M.S. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2013. He has developed AI-based technologies in areas such as pretend play, improvisational dance, improvisational theater, generative visual art and procedurally generated video games. He is interested in researching socio-cognitive models of creativity in artistic and expressive domains and his current research is on enabling virtual characters to learn and improvise embodied narratives with people. His work has been featured at venues such as the Creativity & Cognition 2015 conference Art Exhibition in Glasgow, ICIDS 2014 Art Exhibition titled "Remembering/Forgetting" in Singapore, multiple Tech Arts Festival events at Georgia Tech, the DAEL Window Project in downtown Atlanta, the Autumn School on Computational Creativity in Porvoo (Finland), the Georgia Game Developers Association in Atlanta, and at the AIIDE 2013 conference.

Brian Magerko

John Osburn hears sound like a painter sees color, paying particular attention to the textures and shading of each element within his work. He not only listens to how his sounds thread in and out of each other, but also focuses on how they are affected by the space in which they resonate. Rather than creating music, Osburn focuses on creating a sound environment in which to immerse his audience. Sourcing from his eclectic background in Western music, African drumming, and Sonic Arts studies, Osburn creates a unique musical blend which floods out of his speakers in an evocative array of frequencies.

Hebru Brantley breaks down the walls of cultural boundaries through his art. Inspired by his 1980’s Chicago upbringing, Brantley’s work touches on tough subjects in a way that may be easily digestible to the viewer, by telling his stories through youthful characters and their adventures. Brantley’s work can be described as pop-infused contemporary art inspired by Japanese anime and the bold aesthetics of street art pioneers Jean Michel Basquiat, Kaws and Keith Haring. While spray paint is often at the forefront of his mixed-media illustrations, Brantley utilizes a plethora of mediums from oil, acrylic and watercolor to non-traditional mediums like coffee and tea.

Pablo Gnecco, Christopher Derek Bruno, Travis Broyles // 9to5
Hyper-connected co-working space that broadcasts localized knowledge and receives worldwide commands to accelerate the creative process. Operating as open source software, all elements of the space are modifiable by users, regardless of location. Though the initial iteration is intended as a pop-up, the goal is to make “9to5” a permanent installation by threading itself into an Atlanta community space. Also, free coffee always.

Artists Bios

Pablo Gnecco is an experiential artist and motion designer from Colombia, raised in Atlanta, currently practicing in New York City. His work explores the intersection of participation, performance, and new technology to create immersive experiences and interactive works of art. His works are activated by light, motion, touch, audio and gestures to create an engaging reaction. He intends to create more works that not only respond to an action but can live on after as a functioning idea, object, or space.

Gnecco founded Studio Studio, an interactive (art) agency, a member of the New Museum's Art and Technology Incubator, to create and collaborate with like minded artists, designers, and engineers to create site-specific installations and immersive experiences. Gnecco has exhibited work in auctions, galleries, fashion shows,music shows, and public art festivals. From Atlanta (DAEL, Living Walls, Scoutmob, FLUX, The High Museum, Burnaway) New York City (Fashion Week, Red Bull, The Super Bowl) San Francisco (Dolby HQ), Boston, Bogota and the internet. His work has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Papermag, The Creators Project, Design Milk, and more.

After his education in industrial design,
Christopher Derek Bruno moved about the United States cultivating his approach to the design/fabrication of furniture, and sculpture based imagery. Currently residing in his hometown of Atlanta, his recent work intends to explore the cognitive visual experience using (but not limited to) a set of 0-dimensional points bound by 1-dimensional lines, combined to make 2-d planes, organized into 3-d forms, applied to objects with the express purpose of creating a 4-dimensional relationship with the observer.

Bruno’s work has been exhibited in : New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Houston, and Miami; Internationally in London, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, as well as a series of site specific installations in the Azores Islands.

Travis Broyles has been a copywriter and digital strategist for seven years. During this time, he has helped define the voice of giant brands (Kleenex, McCormick) as well as more likable ones (Fox Theatre, Living Walls). Broyles believes that the best communication, whether it's for collaborators, communities, or consumers, starts with common sense ethics and a southern fried desire to truly help one another. Most recently he started Very Sandwich Inc., which offers marketing solutions for a wide array of intriguing and complex issues such as: "Why don't people care about my super cool thing?"

Beau Martin & Sam Crane // Color Slug
A robotics project where semi-autonomous, wall-dancing ‘slugs’ are pre-programmed to paint drab surfaces across the city. In Atlanta there’s a disturbing lack of color, a sea of grays — concrete, drywall, and asphalt. “Color Slug” focuses on painting large urban structures and adding color to the city. More color would lead to a more vibrant ATL, not only visually but socially. A more animated city would create a greater sense of community: all of Atlanta united by a fleet of color-printing robot slugs.

Artists Bios

Beau Martin is an aerospace engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology focused on the intersection of art and engineering. He served as the fabrication lead, machining lead, and strategic director of an internationally-ranked robotics team. Artistically, his photography has appeared in the Museum of Design Atlanta, the Dogwood Arts Festival, and the High Museum of Art. Beau has worked under several influential innovators, including renowned inventor Lonnie Johnson, and stereoscopic photographer (and Goat Farmer) Peter Bahouth. He works part-time at the SuperGroup, an internationally acclaimed marketing agency, producing virtual reality experiences.

Sam Crane is a computer science student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He served as the lead programmer and project manager of an internationally-ranked robotics team, working with feedback control and smooth motion control. He has worked under Dr. Betty Whitaker in the Georgia Tech Research Institutes’s Information and Communications Laboratory doing advanced data analysis, localization, and artificial intelligence projects. In addition to being an exceptional programmer himself, he has taught countless classes to students from elementary to high school. Sam is an Eagle Scout, a National Merit Scholar, and the 2014 recipient of the Suwannee Future Author Book Award.

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The Goat Farm Arts Center, located at 1200 Foster St, Atlanta GA 30318. Free parking and shuttle service.

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The Goat Farm Arts Center
The Goat Farm is a Creative Industrial Complex in West Midtown Atlanta. The Goat Farm’s model, designed to attract a dense collection of forward-thinking ventures, has re-positioned an unproductive 19th century factory into one of Atlanta’s largest Centers for vanguard fields, contemporary thought, art & performance. 

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