Kendrick’s Kitchen Renovation + KNR Grill

In August 2016, the Hambidge Center set out to take care of some much needed renovations of our beloved Lucinda's Rock House. We decided to first focus on the place where the magic happens – the kitchen – in honor of Kendrick Reusch, son of Belinda and Ken Reusch, who loved to cook and spend time with his family around the grill.

Along with the kitchen, we made critical repairs to the Rock House chimney, roof, electrical and bathroom. Plus, we were excited to add the KNR Grill, a gathering place for residents to cook outside over inspired conversation.

We received many gifts in-kind or greatly discounted, such as the appliances from Sub-Zero Wolf, as well as an incredible show of support from many individuals (see out thank-you list below).

If you would like to donate to Hambidge in support of our residency program and other renovation projects like these, please click the button below to make an online donation.

Thank you!

We offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to Kendrick’s Kitchen, Lucinda’s Rock House Renovations and the KNR Grill.

August 2016 - August 2018

M. Anderson
Lyn & Richard Asbill
Sylvia Bernstein
Barbara & Bill Bikoff
Louise & Peter Bray
Nancy Bowden
Lucinda Bunnen
Jon Carter
Lucinda & Robert Chapman
John Chavers
Knox Clayton
Shelby Cobb
Nikki & Randy Crohn for our new fridge
Lavonia Currie
Debra & Chris Dunn
Pamela Euteneuer
Louise Gardner
Helen Griffith
Joann Hagaman
Marion Hall
Mrs. Nathan Vanmeter Hendricks, III
Judith & Glenn Heyward
Hickrill Foundation
Melissa & James Jernigan
Robert & Betty King for our Big Green Egg and the design of the KNR Grill
Karin P. Koser
Marianne Lambert
Judy & Scott Lampert for our new cooktop
Jeanne Larsen
Anna Leo & Robert Brown
Barbara & Bert Levy

Linda & Brad Lipman
Rosemary Magee in Honor of her Dishwasher, Ron Grapevine
Diedra McAfee
Nancy Miller
William Morgan
Jackie Naylor for our kitchen design
Ken Nugent
Margaret & Kin Patterson
Melissa & Bill Peace
Donna Peak
Lynn Pollard
Jon President
Belinda & Ken Reusch
Monica & Henry Reusch
Kirk Rich
Janet & Scott Saltmarsh
Garrett Scales in Honor of Lucinda Chapman
Lenore & Neil Sherman
Gloria Smiley
The Spain Family for our new gas grill
Anne Sterchi
Claire Sterk & Kirk Elifson
SubZero Wolf
Dayna Thacker & Rich Gere for our new dryer
Mary & Sam Thomas
Laura & Frank Thompson
C.R. & John Tilney, Jr.
Lesley Ward
Denie & Frank Weil
S & T Weil
William Weil
Barb & Thom Williams
White Oak Fine Homes