Chamber Cartel

Chamber Cartel is an ensemble of gifted musicians dedicated to finding the rare, wonderful, imaginative, and beautiful in contemporary music.

They will be performing three pieces by John Luther Adams; Quilyaun, Strange and Sacred Noise, and songbirdsongs. Called “one of the most original musical thinkers of the new century,” by the New Yorker, Pulitzer Prize-winning Adams is a composer whose life and work are deeply rooted in the natural world. Each immersive piece will impart the elemental force of Adams’ music to auction attendees.

Quilyaun is scored for four bass drums. A powerful, rhythmic piece, the composer says, “‘Qilyaun’ is the shaman’s drum. Translated literally, it means ‘device of power.’ The drum is not only a musical instrument, it is a mode of transportation. The shaman rides the sound of the drum to and from the spirit world.”

Strange and Sacred Noise
(for percussion quartet) is an integration of mathematics, science, and nature within sound, and an exploration of their wondrously overlapping and similar qualities.

songbirdsongs is scored for two piccolos and percussion. The piccolos perform the birdsongs and the percussionists reinforce the impression of the environment when John Luther Adams was listening and transcribing them. Here is a quote from him about the piece: “This music is not literal transcription. It is translation. Not imitation, but evocation. My concern is not with precise details of pitch and meter, for too much precision can deafen us to such things as birds and music. I listen for other, less tangible nuances. These melodies and rhythms, then, are not so much constructed artifacts as they are spontaneous affirmations.”

Based in Atlanta, the Chamber Cartel has been hailed as “the darlings of Atlanta’s [New Music] scene” and “contemporary classical heavyweights” by the Goat Farm Arts Center. Chamber Cartel employs a flexible instrumentation that has performed over seventy concerts of unique programming since 2012 and commissioned more than thirty new works.

The Cartel has collaborated with artists such as nobrow.collective, Stacey Mastrian, the A/B Duo, Bent Frequency, Stephanie Aston, Peter Ferry, CORE Performance Company, Lotte Betts-Dean, Transient Canvas, Margot Rood, Sonic Generator, and Michael Lewanski. In 2014, Chamber Cartel was selected to perform at the Northwestern University New Music Conference in Chicago. They have also appeared as featured ensembles at the Southeastern New Music Symposium at UGA, the University of Florida New Music Festival, and the UNK New Music Festival. In January 2016, Chamber Cartel was honored to perform Morton Feldman's beautiful 5-hour long work, For Philip Guston, at the Peabody Conservatory for New Music Gathering in Baltimore.

Throughout six seasons as an ensemble, they have been given the Atlanta premieres of important, major works such as Le Marteau sans Maître, Pleiades, For Philip Guston, Vexations, Tongues, The Brightest Form of Absence, and many others as well as from composers such as John Luther Adams, Giacinto Scelsi, Morton Feldman, Helmut Lachenmann, Franco Donatoni, Jeff Herriott, Mauricio Kagel, Erik Satie, George Crumb, Jason Eckardt, Marc Yeats, and Iannis Xenakis.

Chamber Cartel has produced two studio albums, Interiors featuring the music of Atlanta composer Adam Scott Neal and The Shape Distance featuring the music of English composer Marc Yeats. Both albums were released in 2015. The Cartel is currently working on another album featuring the music of their 2017 Composer-in-Association, Aaron Jay Myers, to be released in 2018.

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Dance Performance

Drawing inspiration from the lush and verdant landscape of Hambidge, and the curiously immaculate environs of ADAC’s design showrooms, Gavin Bernard, Melissa Word and Helen Hale offer a movement meditation at the intersection of the natural and the domestic. Coupled with Hale’s fantasy floralscapes, the trio of movers and spacemakers construct ephemeral and ever-shifting scenes, studying the effort of specialness and the poise of wild things.

Melissa Word is a dance artist and educator, recently in residence at The Lucky Penny’s Work Room studio in Atlanta. She’s a teaching artist with the High Museum of Art and Alliance Theatre, offering movement-based, in-gallery museum tours and school programs for youth. Her performance work has been presented by Dashboard, The Lucky Penny, The High Museum of Art, Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center, Wonderroot, Dance.Draw, KIN and Triptych Collective. In 2013 she founded KIN (Birmingham, Alabama), an experimental art and performance platform for emerging artists based in the Southeast. She graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2011, where she returns frequently to guest lecture and choreograph for their Dance program.

Gavin Bernard is a designer and large-scale installation artist. British by birth, he has called Atlanta home for 19 years, where he has worked in many different creative industries. He is the co-founder of the interior design firm Grafite, designing for Elevator Factory, Aviary Salon, Sparrow Hawk, Octane Coffee, Henry & June among others. Gavin co-owns Wake Up Dear, an Atlanta-based design studio which created “ODO”, an intricately woven pendant light that creates geometric patterns of light and shadow. He designed and installed the art experience for WonderFarm in 2014 at Krog Street Market. He has created performance works for WonderRoot’s Dance Chance and performed for The Lucky Penny artist Hez Stalcup.

Helen Hale is a dancer, theater maker, embodiment scholar, rogue cultural agent, and relentless pursuer of beauty. Director of Helen Hale Dance, designer of HAVEN Floral Arts, and co-curator at Ginkgo, Helen performs, teaches, decorates homes and events with flowers, brings the people together, and collaborates with artists and activists in the States and abroad. Her work has been presented by the High Museum of Art Atlanta, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Galleries at Moore (PA), Alfred University (NY), Temple University (PA), Dance Truck (AL), Cien Años, (Honduras), HISA (Greece), among others. She is a current collaborator and performer for Nichole Canuso Dance Company, a crew member of the Carnival de Resistance, and a minister with the Nap Ministry.

HAVEN Floral Arts

Created by artist Helen Hale, HAVEN uses unexpected combinations of flowers and natural materials to honor, celebrate, and bedeck our lives together, and invites us to delight anew in the beauty, drama and romance of our wild earth and our participation its remarkable ecosystems.

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Amandine Drouet

Mixed media artist, Amandine Drouet, will create a sculptural installation for the event using fabric donated by Jerry Pair.

Drouet is best known for her mixed media installations using reclaimed materials or anything else interesting she can glean. She gives a “second life” to her materials and transforms them into something new. Amandine received the 2014-2015 Atlanta Emerging Artist Award by the Forward Arts Foundation. She has displayed her work throughout the United States and in France. For the last few years, she has also been part of several art collaborations. Among them are the FriendShip Project and Sixfold Collective that exhibited mixed media installations in New York and throughout Atlanta at MOCA, on the Beltline East Trail and at The Abernathy Art Center. Amandine recently cofounded Embodied Energy Studio, a group of artists collaborating with environmental scientists interested in expanding the dialogue around environmental protection to a larger public audience. The collective recently installed a nationally acclaimed large-scale experiential public art piece on the St Petersburg campus of the University of South Florida as a permanent installation.

Drouet was born and raised in the Loire Valley, France and is currently residing in Kenwood, St Petersburg, Fl. In 2005, she earned a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Ga. Her B.A., also from GSU, is in psychology.


Arianna Khmelniuk and Eddie Farr will create a floating installation which explores the senses using smells, touch (tactile silicone), and audio (a minimalist desert soundscape). The sensory stimuli are a set of codes that symbolize fertility and biodiversity. The installation, floating in space, creates an unusual corridor for visitors, transferring them to the imaginary Middle East through sound, codes, and abstract smell.

The artists, working with smells and sounds, attempt to design an experience that stretches the present moment. The low tech experience calls for a tolerance of abstract sensual codes without prejudice through invisible artifacts (sound and smell).

Arianna Khmelniuk is an Atlanta-based multidisciplinary research and scent artist. She is a co-founder and mixologist in the scent studio Zapah_lab, which creates site-specific and research-based work. She received a B.A. in theater directing and is a designer of educational programs.

Eddie Farr, a media artist, creative coder, DIY enthusiast, and multi-instrumentalist performer from Atlanta, Georgia, is a graduate of Georgia Southern University where he received a B.A. in Music and an M.M. in Music Technology.

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