Clarissa Sligh in Brena Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the studios like?
The Center sits on 600 hilly and heavily wooded acres, with walking trails, streams, waterfalls and areas of flat wildflower meadows. The area is a national repository for native plants and provides a protected site for endangered species. There are nine separate studios on the property, six on the campus side of the property and three more across the street from the Center off Paterson Gap Road. All the studios are different and are designed to accommodate various work requirements. The Hambidge studios are located in wooded settings on private gravel roads, intentionally basic and separate from each other. You will find necessities like hot and cold running water, and areas for cooking, eating, sleeping, bathing and working. We will supply all bedding and towels. Each kitchen is equipped with cooking and eating utensils including a coffee pot and microwave. All the studios are heated and some have air conditioning. Most studios have showers (some have tubs as well) and some have fireplaces. If you should use the fireplaces, please ask for help if you are inexperienced with tending a fire.

In addition to the nine artist studios/cottages, there are a number of additional structures on the property. Lucinda’s Rock House is an old farmhouse which serves as the common area for the residents. It is where you will gather for meals and access the internet. Other structures on the property include a spring house, a sheep barn, a grist mill, bee hives, the Antinori Pottery Studio, a milking shed, a log cabin, and an old dance hall. The Weave Shed houses the Office and the Gallery, which is open from April through November each year. Hambidge is listed on the National Register for Historic Places as a rural historic district.

What are the fees?
Hambidge charges $250 per week. Several scholarships are available.

How long are residencies?
Hambidge residencies begin on Tuesdays and end on Sundays. They generally last from two weeks to two months, depending on schedule availability. Because of differing lengths of individual stays, residents will arrive and depart on varying schedules.

May I apply with a collaborator?
Hambidge welcomes collaborations. Each collaborator will need to submit a separate application, mark the 'collaboration' box, and follow the instructions. We will need to know if you plan to stay together or need separate studios.

Is there a privacy policy?
Privacy and solitude are prized by our Fellows. Therefore, one of our requirements is that no one may visit another Fellow’s studio without being specifically invited to do so. If any Fellow disrupts the privacy, solitude or workspace of another, that Fellow will be asked to stop by a staff member. If the behavior is repeated after the warning, the Fellow will be asked to leave the premises. We also ask that you be respectful in the use of audio equipment and musical instruments and keep sound levels from getting out of hand.

What is the weather like?
During the summer, the day temperatures vary from the 60s to the 90s and at night from the 50s to the 70s. In the winter, day temperatures range from the 20s to the 50s and at night from the mid-teens to the 30s. It rains regularly and can snow heavily in the winter months.

Are meals served?
Evening meals are furnished Tuesday through Friday, February through mid-December and are taken in common with every Fellow that is a resident at the time. All other meals are the responsibility of the residents. We ask that you participate in these evening meals to create a sense of community and respect for each other and to give the staff an opportunity to stay in touch with each Fellow. For the remainder of the time you may be as solitary or social as you feel appropriate.

Dinner will not be served on July 4th or Thanksgiving. If a resident plans to be away from Hambidge on one of the evenings when dinner is served, he or she should notify the Office Manager and the Chef no later than noon of that day.

The evening meal begins in the Rock House at 6:00pm with appetizers and dinner is served at 6:30pm. Fellows are expected to help set and clear the table and load the dishwashers. If you have serious dietary considerations, please fill out the section in the return materials that deals with medical and dietary issues. It's important that we have this information prior to your arrival so that the Chef may include it in menu planning. The menus are predominantly vegetarian and our chef uses fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, locally grown and in season. Occasionally fish is included. The meals are wholesome, abundant and deliciously inventive.

What is the smoking and alcohol policy?
Smoking is absolutely NOT permitted in any of our buildings or spaces common to other residents. Recreational drugs are NOT permitted. Drinking alcoholic beverages is a matter of personal choice, but we ask that you exercise moderation and be considerate of others.

Is there internet access? Is there a computer I can use to check e-mail?
Internet access is not available in the individual artist studios. Wifi is available in the Rock House if you wish to use your personal computer or access internet through your smart phone. A printer, fax and copy machine are available weekdays in the main office. There is a fee of $.05 cents per page.

What kind of equipment does Hambidge provide? Can I ship supplies to Hambidge?
You will need to bring all the equipment and supplies necessary to do your personal work. We provide work tables and chairs in the studios, but we do not provide professional easels. We have some student grade easels available, but if you require something heavier, you're advised to bring one with you. If you will be painting, we ask that you bring your own drop cloths and that you try to avoid getting paint on the walls. We very often have Fellows who ship materials to us prior to their arrival and we are happy to accept and hold them. Please make sure the shipping is prepaid and it should be addressed to: Your name, c/o Hambidge, 105 Hambidge Court, Rabun Gap, GA 30568

What should I bring?

  • We don’t have street lights, so if you walk home after dinner a flashlight is a must
    and a handy thing to have if you experience our occasional power outages.
  • We have miles of wonderful hiking trails. If you want to take advantage of them, bring hiking
    clothes: good walking shoes, long sleeve shirts and long pants (we have poison ivy!).
  • Our evenings are chilly even in the summer. Pack a sweater or sweat shirt. In winter you’ll
    need the usual winter weather gear – coat, hat, gloves, boots, etc.
  • We are located in a temperate rain forest. A hooded rain jacket and umbrella makes life dryer.
  • Especially in the summer, be sure to pack insect repellent. We are in the woods and this is
    the South, after all.

How do I receive mail and deliveries?
Your mailing address while you are in residence at Hambidge will be c/o Hambidge, 105 Hambidge Court, Rabun Gap, Georgia 30568. On the main road in front of the Rock House there is a mailbox where mail is delivered around noon. If you are mailing items you may place them in this box and raise the flag for pick-up. Hambidge mail comes to PO Box 339, Rabun Gap, GA 30568, so we do not use the mailbox on the road. If you are expecting mail, please be responsible for checking it. We do get UPS and Fed-Ex deliveries daily and if you are shipping to us or ordering materials, please use our ground address of 105 Hambidge Court. If you need to visit a post office there are two close by. If resident mail should come to the post office box, it will be placed in the Rock House message basket near the phone. If you are here without a car and need to mail special materials, we can take care of that in our daily trip to the post office.

How do I keep in contact with home?
Because of our remote location, cell phone service is nonexistent on Hambidge property. The nearest cell phone reception kicks in about two miles east on Betty’s Creek Road by the Community School. Each studio is equipped with an emergency phone that can be used to dial 911. The studio phones are restricted and you cannot use them to dial local or long distance calls. You can receive incoming calls on them, however. Upon arrival, you will be given the phone number of your studio, and you may give the number to friends and family members.

There is also a phone in the Rock House which is available 24 hours a day and designated for use by the Fellows. The resident phone number is 706-746-3208. Local calls are free but long distance calls must be paid using a credit card or a prepaid long distance card. We suggest that you purchase a phone card prior to your arrival, but they are available at local merchants. This phone line is not answered by staff and has its own voice mail box so residents can receive messages. Instructions for using the voice mail system are posted above the phone. Messages for residents should be placed in the mail basket near the phone.

What if I need to be contacted in an emergency?
The Hambidge offices are open weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm and in an emergency, the staff can deliver a message to your studio. If you would like to leave a telephone number with friends or family for emergency contact please use the main office number 706-746-7324. General calls and messages should be left on the Rock House phone, 706-746-3208.

May I bring my child?
Hambidge has successfully hosted two artists-in-residence accompanied by their children. We are still developing our parental program, however, we are absolutely amenable to working with artist parents in finding the best timing and recommending part-time childcare for their stay. If you would like to discuss available arrangements before applying, please contact our Operations Manager, Christine Jason.

May I invite guests?
Having guests is discouraged during the week but spouses, partners and friends are allowed to visit on Fridays and weekends. We suggest only one visitor at a time. If your guest will be joining us for dinner on Friday night the cost will be $15. Visits are without charge if your guest is staying in your studio. If your guest will be staying in the Guest Rooms upstairs in the Rock House, there will be a charge of $30 per night.

Hambidge is an environment in which Fellows work and respect the opportunity for uninterrupted time. It is imperative that the presence of friends or family members not disrupt the community.

May I bring my pet?
We’re sorry, but fellows may not bring pets to Hambidge during a residency. We also ask that you do not indulge our Hambidge pets by letting them into your studios.

Is there somewhere I can do my laundry?
There is a washer and dryer located in Lucinda's Rock House. Fellows may use them Wednesday through Sunday. On Mondays and Tuesdays they are used all day by our housekeeper. Hambidge provides phosphate-free laundry detergent and we ask that you make a $2 per load (wash and dry), donation to the cup in the cupboard above the machines.

Are there any safety concerns?
Please exercise extreme caution when using fireplaces in the studios and the Rock House. Do not leave fires burning and unattended for any reason. If a fire has been lit in the Rock House fireplace and you are the last person to leave the building, please be sure the fire has been banked and if necessary pour some water on it to extinguish it. Also, please make sure all candles are extinguished after dinner and never leave them burning when you leave your studio. Hambidge cannot assume responsibility for your personal possessions if lost, damaged or destroyed.

Normally this area is quite safe and crime is not a major concern here. You will have a key to your studio, however, and should lock the doors if you feel it necessary. Hambidge cannot be responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen from your studio.

Our roads and driveways are narrow and we ask that you use extreme caution when driving on the property. Please keep driving speeds to a minimum, be aware of other drivers, pedestrians and of course the Hambidge critters.

Are there nearby emergency facilities?
If you have a chronic health condition that might precipitate a medical emergency considered life threatening, please note the following considerations. Hambidge is located in a rural area without major health facilities, the nearest of those being about 45 minutes away in Gainseville, GA. There are ambulances and private physicians in Dillard (3.5 miles away) and Clayton (9 miles away), and a small hospital in Clayton that is equipped for lesser emergencies only. If these factors pose a major problem given your medical condition, please contact the Office Manager as soon as possible to discuss the situation. We look forward to your stay with us, but you must be responsible for your well-being considering the medical support available in our community. Please give us instructions on the actions to be taken should a medical crisis occur. All costs incurred will be the responsibility of the resident.

Basic first aid supplies are kept in the Rock House. If a fire should occur in your studio/dwelling, get out immediately, phone 911 from the Rock House and then call someone from the staff. Staff emergency numbers are posted in the Rock House above the phone.

Where do I check in when I arrive?
Plan to arrive on Tuesday after noon and before 5:00pm. If this is not possible, please telephone or email the Operations Manager to make alternate arrangements. If you arrive after the dinner hour, you will be responsible for your own evening meal. Upon arrival, come to the Office at the back of the Weave Shed Gallery where a staff member will welcome you with a brief orientation and escort you to your studio. If you arrive earlier than Tuesday or need to stay later than Sunday, you will need approval from the office. Since the schedule is very tight and our staffing limited, we are not able to provide much flexibility in the schedule once you are confirmed. Residents can depart any time on Sunday.

How do I get to Hambidge?
Transportation to and from the Center is the responsibility of the residents. Following are a few suggestions:

By Automobile
Hambidge is located on Betty's Creek Road, about 3-1/2 miles west of Highway 441 in Dillard, Georgia. We are only a few miles from the Georgia/North Carolina border. The two largest towns near Dillard are Clayton, Georgia, 10 miles to the south and Franklin, North Carolina, about 13 miles to the north.

By Plane
You may choose to fly into Greenville, South Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina or Atlanta, Georgia. From all airports, it is about a 2 hour drive to Hambidge. Car rentals are of course available at the airports.

By Train
AMTRAK makes a daily run from New York to New Orleans (#19) and from New Orleans to New York (#20). En route, going south, it passes through Washington, DC and on to Toccoa, Georgia before stopping in At-lanta. Your destination would be Toccoa, which is located about 40 miles southeast of Hambidge. The train arrives from the northeast at 6:15am. To head north again, the train leaves Toccoa at 9:57pm. When you make reservations or buy your ticket make sure that AMTRAK notifies the Toccoa station that you will be arriving or departing.

If you are considering using the train as transportation between Atlanta and Toccoa, it departs Toccoa for Atlanta at 6:15am and arrives in Atlanta at 9:57am. To return: the train leaves Atlanta for Toccoa at 8:22pm, arriving at Toccoa at 9:57pm. For reservation information exact arrival and departure times and fares for AMTRAK, call 1-800-872-7245. Directions to AMTRAK from the Atlanta Airport: call Yellow Cab (404) 521-0200 or take MARTA (Rapid Transit Train) at airport, northbound to the Arts Center Station. Then catch the MARTA Bus #23 to the AMTRAK Station.

Shuttle Service
An independent shuttle service is available to and from the airports listed above as well as the AMTRAK station in Toccoa, Georgia to Hambidge. Service providers and phone numbers are as follows:

You can get a bus at the Atlanta Airport to Gainesville, Georgia by contacting Superior Transport on 770-457-4794 to arrange for pick up. The bus can be met outside baggage claim in the green area 5 & 6. The bus will drop you off at the Holiday Inn in Gainesville. From Gainesville it is about a one hour drive to Hambidge. Rental Cars are available.

There are also a couple options for driver/shuttle services that will pick you up at any of the airports, Gainesville, or the AMTRAK station in Taccoa:

Dick Friess, independent driver
706-746-3657 cell
828-787-1301 home

RoadRunner Driving Service; Darlene Swofford
828-524-3265 home
706-201-7719 cell

You should make all arrangements directly with the shuttle services and let us know when you will be arriving at Hambidge. When prior arrangements are made with the service, the driver will usually stop to allow for grocery shopping.

Once You're Here Without a Car
Resident Fellows who are here without a car are usually able to coordinate with other residents with cars for trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, etc. Under certain circumstances someone on the staff can provide transportation to and from necessary destinations, but it is suggested that you try to coordinate with other Fellows first.