Experience Shinrin-Yoku – Japanese Forest Therapy

We invite you to experience the deep nature connection of Shinrin-Yoku, Japanese forest therapy (also called Forest Bathing), in the Hambidge forest with Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Phyllis Abramson, RN, PhD. On this 2 1/2 hour walk you will peel the layers of stress away and support healing by experiencing the medicine of the forest. We’ll do a series of relaxing and engaging activities to tap into our senses, deepen nature connection, hone intuition and connect with the natural world around us. This walk covers a total distance of about 1 mile on Hambidge trails. We will plan to walk under most weather conditions, except major rain or thunderstorms.

Read more about Phyllis and Forest Therapy here.

Date: Saturday, October 5
Skill level: All levels
Age: 17+
Cost: $40