Mask-Making Workshop with Julia Hill

The Hambidge Center and The Works - Upper Westside ATL present a Mask-Making Workshop with Julia Hill, Saturday, October 12, 2019, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM at The Works Upper Westside ATL, 1235 Chattahoochee Avenue Northwest Atlanta, GA, 30318

FREE to the public (adults only). Participation is limited, so please get your free ticket here.

Protection, ceremony, ornamentation, amusement...masks have been crafted and worn by humans across the globe for these reasons and more since before the earliest cave paintings. In this workshop led by Julia Hill, we will explore our own inspirations for masquerading, while creating a unique wearable sculpture out of salvaged odds and ends, reclaimed materials, and a whole lot of cardboard.

This workshop is for ADULTS ONLY (we'll have crayons and paper for kids, if you need to bring them along, but they don't require a ticket).

Supplies You Need To Bring
Think interesting shapes and textures, and then raid your closet, your attic, your basement, your yard, and your recycle bin! Examples: egg cartons, mesh fruit bags, sticks from the yard, fabric, artificial flowers, pom poms, ping pong balls, zip ties, rubber gloves, bubble wrap, styrofoam packing material, yarn, zippers, shredded paper, etc, etc.

Bring a base structure, IF you have something on hand. This is optional. Examples: hats, old bike helmets, old glasses frames.

And finally, if you have an idea, bring it and the materials you want to use, and Julia will help you put it together. If you don't know what you want your mask to look like, that's okay, too! Just bring some random materials, and Julia will help you create something wonderful.

Check out Julia's sculpture and puppetry work here.

Wear your mask to the Hambidge Center's Art Auction + Masquerade Bash on October 26! 

The workshop will be held in conjunction with our public screening of Andy Warhol’s “Empire."

How To Get There
This event will be held in Selig's new retail complex, The Works - Upper Westside ATL. FREE PARKING is available on Maker's Way NW, behind Ballard Designs. The entrance to the building will be marked with signs and volunteers to assist you to the event.