Kim-Huong Ruiz, Fulton County Arts & Culture Fellowship recipient

Year-End Update - 2018

Thank you for being a special part of our Hambidge community as we celebrate our 85th year of nurturing creativity, protecting precious habitats and preserving historic sites!
In 2018 we deepened our commitment on all fronts.

Some of the year’s highlights include:

  • Welcomed our most diverse & distinguished group of residents ever including “Arts Leaders”
  • Engaged the public in the creative process through exhibitions, installations, workshops and more
  • Successfully completed a 7-year major environmental preservation project on 54 acres overseen by the Army Corps of Engineers, E.P.A., U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, and Georgia D.N.R.
  • Built a new outdoor gathering & cooking area (KNR Grill) and other studio upgrades

“The unique setting of Hambidge is very conducive to contemplative and inspired work and I am eternally grateful for the experience.”
– Steven Satterfield, 2018 Hambidge Fellow and James Beard Foundation Best Chef Southeast 2017

We are incredibly proud to be a leader in the creative residency field, welcoming a rotating community of artists, scientists, thinkers and doers who come together to explore their work and find inspiration for their path forward. The result is magic and Hambidge is building exciting new initiatives to share that magic with the world in accessible and intimate ways. With our bold commitment to equity and experimentation, 2019 promises to be our most exciting year yet.

We wish you and yours happiness & prosperity now and throughout the coming year.

Respectfully yours,
Jamie Badoud, Executive Director                      Elizabeth Feichter, Board Chair   
Kathy Williams, Development Co-Chair             Woodie Wisebram, Development Co-Chair

& The Hambidge Center Board of Trustees
Cyndae Arrendale, Michael Bishop, Lucinda Chapman, Bethany Collins, George Cooke, Erica DeChicchis, Jesica Eames, Elizabeth Feichter, Greg Head, Caroline Howell, Bari Love, Andres Navia, Kirk Rich, Paula Francis Rogers, Michael Rooks, Anne Tracht, Gregor Turk, Marcia Weber, Kathy Williams, Woodie Wisebram, Lucinda Bunnen (Trustee Emerita), Helen Meadors (Trustee Emerita)

2018 Hambidge – By The Numbers

Home to 182 residents, from 23-79 years old, representing 31 states & 9 countries, plus 3 children joining their parents

1,568 homemade Hambidge dinners feeding hungry artists

Art Auction at ADAC with 300 artworks, plus textile, environmental and scientific installations, musical and dance performances, and a dozen cakes decorated by distinguished artists

Ansley Park Scholarship Soiree hosted by Marcia Weber with Hambidge Fellows Dorothy O’Connor & Anicka Austin

Six Workshops: Textile arts with Natalie “Alabama” Chanin, Ceramics with Rachel K. Garceau, Natural Dye-making with Coulter Fussell, and Pie-making with James Beard award winner Lisa Donovan and Angie Mosier Workshops hosted onsite at Hambidge and free to Rabun County residents at the library

Four gallery shows (125 artists): Sign of the Times (Fellows group show), Process in Works, gallery show of Natalie Chanin and Rachel K. Garceau, Invitational Show of Pottery & Handmade Objects, and The Great Folk Art Parade

Hambidge Insights: Panel in Atlanta with 4 Fellows: Fahamu Pecou, Okorie Johnson, Amina McIntyre & T. Lang

Hambidge administered the Southern Prize awarding Southern visual artists $80,000 from South Arts, while also receiving funding from the NEA, Georgia Council for the Arts and Fulton County Arts & Culture

10 Public Artist Talk Events including over 50 artists-in-residence, 8 Nature Hikes and 2 Anagama Kiln Firings

Festival with full access to the property, featuring over 20 attractions & performances and 6 site-specific installations

Partnerships with PNC, Rabun County Library, Peace Design, Atlanta Center for the Decorative Arts, Jerry Pair, HA Modern, South Arts, MailChimp, Fulton County Arts & Culture, Dashboard

Performed aquatic bio-monitoring to continue preservation of our eco-system, and reported outstanding progress in our Hemlock Preservation efforts

Made payments to 145 artists for art sales, stipends and performances totaling over $86,000

Awarded 21 Distinguished Fellowships supporting scientists, musicians, chefs, writers, dancers, ceramicists, arts & culture administrators, environmental artists, textile artists, U.S. Veterans, and minorities